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  1. matt90bc

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    I've got an idea for a bracelet design and I'm looking for a manufacturer but there are so many I can't work out which would be best for me!
    It's a straight forward design nothing fancy but I'd need a low moq to start with just to see if it would be popular.
    Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
    Would be great if they could work off of a basic drawing of mine.
    Doesnt have to be high end in terms of diamonds and such just has to look good!
    Posted: Dec 22, 2016 By: matt90bc Member since: Oct 8, 2014
  2. dave archer

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    I don't think that you will find an actual "Manufacturer"
    ( production ) for your design,
    and if you did,
    then the bracelets would cost too much to be viable.

    Home jewelry making seems to be one of those crafts
    that a lot of people are involved in, making bracelets and such as an extended hobby - small craft fair type business.

    Maybe you could contact one of those people to make a few
    samples for you, but if you invested in a few tools and perhaps
    small machinery, you can make them yourself in your spare room.

    Join a local jewelry craft club.

    Looks like quite a few people are doing the same >>>

    Home jewelry design uk
    About 46,600,000 results (0.95 seconds)

    Posted: Dec 22, 2016 By: dave archer Member since: Mar 8, 2014
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