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Discussion in 'Wordpress Support' started by Kerwin, Jun 1, 2019.

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    I run my Wordpress blogs on my own VPS and for the most part, have been pretty happy with the setup. I'm just about to launch a new blog that will make heavy use of video. I know I could host the video on YouTube, but I think my video content might break their rules.

    I looked into the Jetpack Premium plan, and apparently, that offers unlimited video hosting along with a bunch of other useful features. The other option available to me is to use the Vimeo professional plan, but that doesn't come with the extra features of the Jetpack premium plan.

    Does anyone here use the paid Jetpack plans on their self hosted Wordpress site(s)? If so, what do you think of it?
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  2. Darren_Ssc

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    Jetpack has some useful features but an awful lot of poor ones bundled in and, as a consequence, is very bloated.

    From what I remember, the contact/comments form was very good and the analytics nice and simple. For everything else I think there were much better solutions available elsewhere.

    It used to be relatively easy to filter out a lot of the stuff but, since they started pushing towards the premium model, it became increasingly difficult to do this. I haven't used it on any sites in 3 years as a consequence.

    It's possible they have improved it but, given the direction they were moving, I wouldn't like to bet on it?

    If I needed video hosting I would go with a provider specialising in video so, in this respect, Vimeo would be my choice. Worth noting though, Cloudflare offer a video streaming plan also:
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    Vimeo Pro is significantly more expensive, which is a shame as I was looking at the £8 a month Jetpack plan and I need more than the 5GB of storage offered by the cheaper Vimeo plan. I'll have to look into Cloudflare. I kind of liked the all in one nature of the Jetpack plan.
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    I avoid jetpack like the plague. It’s full of junk you don’t need and just clogs everything up.

    However, if you disable everything you don’t need and just use the video hosting you should be ok. Reviews seem to suggest it’s a decent service.
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    I've never used it for the same reasons others have mentioned with it being bloated.

    I use Imunify360 at server level so don't bother with plugins like Jetpack.

    Definitely try Vimeo or Cloudflare
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