Is VOIP right for me?

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    We're currently looking to close our premises, and work remotely with 2 part time members of staff working from home and a seperate storage lock-up for our engineer.

    At present we have a landline going into the office, which was great pre COVID as the 2 part time members of staff split the work days and always had the phone covered. Since COVID it's become a little more complex, as the landline has a recorded directing people to a mobile number which is shared between the 2 members of staff, but means on a weekly basis they have to arrange to pass over the mobile phone.

    I can appreciate I could call forward at present however the reason for the current procedure is all cost related.

    If we move to this remote way of working permanently would VOIP be the best option? I'd assume whoever is working and covering the phone would logon and be able to take calls, is that right?

    Finally if my understandings are correct can anyone recommend a service provider that offers reliable but cost affective VOIP services?

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    Yes, VoIP is a good fit. There is no point having a telephone number tied to an office line that isn't being physically used.

    Some systems provide softphone support so the team can answer calls using a smartphone app. Most systems will also allow you to distribute calls to certain groups or users on certain days.

    This isn't a sales pitch as you are not our target customer size but I am more than happy to give you a bit of free advice on the phone: 0333 358 3808

    We are a Cisco partner (Cisco are the global market leader) so you can assume that my advice is sound. Unfortunately the VoIP market has become a bit... Phones4U.
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  3. fc-ramon

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    Yes, VOIP is great ..... I have it with a softphone so just and app on my phone and computer.

    I use invoco and its done me well so far
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  4. Alcom IT

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    Yes VoIP could be perfect for your scenario.

    You can also, usually, move your landline to VoIP by 'porting' the number so you can even keep your existing phone number.

    There is a huge range of different VoIP systems available from lots of providers and most will let you add a recorded message directing callers to a mobile. Though with these systems the staff could have apps on their phones which would means you could simplify this if you wanted to.

    In terms of cost, VoIP can be cheaper than a single landline if you find the right system but some do have minimum users and other minimum costs.

    Good luck.
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  5. hassecure

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    Thanks for your reply. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on providers to speak to?
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    It depends on whether you need a physical phone or if an app is fine. Also depends on how many users (also known as 'extensions') you need.

    If you're looking to do this yourself then google around for 'VoIP telephones' or give Gradwell a call. I have no affiliation or ties to Gradwell but I have used their services in the past.
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    Choose a provider that is a member of the ITSPA. This gives you two important protections:

    They must comply to a code of conduct in how they deal with you.

    Your number has protection. In the event of your chosen provider going out of business your number would be ported to another provider. Without this there is a risk of losing the number completely.
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    I’ll never have more than 1 person answering the phone at 1 time, so do I need multiple users or could I just have 1 logon that is shared, as they’ll will only ever be 1 person logged and accepting calls?
    I’m really just looking for something basic, I don’t have the need for an IVR system, call recording etc - it’s purely so I can have 1 number that doesn’t go to a fixed landline
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    Honestly - if you're not too bothered with keeping your number, you could even use a solution such as Skype.

    People will flag up reliability, but I've never had a problem with it - it is largely dependant on the quality of your connection.
    Posted: Feb 25, 2021 By: japancool Member since: Jul 11, 2013
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    Thanks ideally I should have said I'd like to keep my current number
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    We've been using Voipfone for a good few years now and service reliability has been first class (famous last words!) . We ported our old landline number across and use the gigaset phones (simple plug-in ethernet base station and handsets), so can't comment on any current apps. Any missed call messages are emailed through. They do various options so would be worth a call/email.
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    You should definitely try Voip for your personal purpose. Try to buy from trusted service provider
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  13. JohnGrove

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    I would recommend Soho66. Excellent company, use them myself.
    Posted: Jun 6, 2021 By: JohnGrove Member since: Sep 15, 2009
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    Useful thread is this.
    Pleasant surprise to find my provider is a member of ITSPA which is now name changed to,K,L

    also an interesting list of prospective suppliers.

    I like and ported my fixed line number to them, accessing it via softphone on my mobile. My wife swears by skype, so that works too with an incoming number.

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    I've been involved in many naming and name-changing projects in my life and they've always been difficult affairs. This one though went really easily with nobody throwing a tantrum. It was only when we'd done it that someone said 'but what are we going to call the Council?' It was called the ITSPA Council. Now it's a bit like Major Major in Catch 22.
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    I use viop I'm all over the place often I can't hear the office phone . 24 hour cover is needed so the App works well
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