Is anyone going to this next week? Global Ecommerce Live in Bristol

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    Global Ecommerce Live in Bristol on Weds 20th March 9-3pm FREE event hosted by Business West. (I cannot for some silly reason post the link up - you'll have to google it ;)

    I can't work out whether it'll be worth it or not as it's a totally a free event. Have registered but as a very new start up a lot of it will be over my head probably. But might be good for making contacts.

    Anyone else thinking of going or registered? See below for blurb

    About the event
    This major FREE event is designed for those businesses who are seeking to take their online sales to the next level. Hear from the likes of Amazon, SimplyVAT, Plentymarkets, Rockit, Hawkins & Brimble and more, who will talk about how to successfully use leading eMarketplaces to boost revenues and profits.

    Modern global eMarketplaces allow UK eCommerce companies of all shapes and sizes to easily extend their reach around the world, something that would have taken an extraordinary amount of effort and investment only a few years ago.

    By attending this event, you'll learn about:

    • The best global eMarketplaces for your business.
    • How to successfully expand into Europe with Amazon FBA.
    • Omni-channel approaches to selling internationally online.
    • Digital marketing strategies when working with international distributors.
    • VAT leglisation and considerations when trading online overseas.
    • Effective ways to build brand awareness in new markets.
    • What business support is available to accelerate international growth plans.
    Thanks to the innovation undertaken by hundreds of UK companies, we are now leading the way in eCommerce and are rapidly becoming a global centre of excellence for eExports. But we don’t want to rest on our laurels and stop here. The opportunities are mind-blowing!

    Register today and you'll be ready to explore the huge potential that global eMarketplaces present for your business, so don't delay in booking your FREE place now.
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    Totally wrong area of the country for me, but if it is free and you are new then you really do have nothng to lose as you must have a lot of spare time.
    Go to the talks, network and listen to people tell you what they do. Have fun
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    If only I had lots of space time!!!! I have 2 jobs and two children under 5 ;) I was trying to sense check this event to see if it was worth the time. If I do go it will mean working long hours into the night to catch up. But I also know networking and getting out there is important.
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    Thanks for bringing this up as it could be interesting, I’ve just registered as it’s only an hour or 2 from Southampton.
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    I've not been to the one mentioned, but these free events are typically lots of vendors peddling their wares with some breakout sessions where said vendors present case studies of how great they are.

    These events are great if you have a specific need and want to meet lots of vendors in one place.
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