IOSS Registered - But EU Customers Still Paying Customs Fees

Discussion in 'International Business' started by Ty_123, Aug 6, 2021.

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    Hi all,

    We registered for IOSS pre July 1st in Ireland.
    Since then we've been putting our IOSS number on all of our CN24s (in the area where we used to put our EORI / VAT number).

    Also we're adding a commercial invoice with all orders too which declares the IOSS.

    But a lot of our packages to the EU (Germany, Sweden, Netherlands) are still being stopped by customs and also many of our customers are complaining about having to pay customs fees.

    The only country that seems to be going smoothly is France.

    Is anyone else finding this is happening to their packages?

    Are we doing something wrong? So confusing......
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  2. Trevor Andrews

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    Hi Ty,

    I will be interested in what responses you get.

    We are on the receiving end in Spain and have similar issues. Some shipments from UK arrive, some are sent back, some we pay fees on.

    The fees are normally an admin fee for the courier to sort customs and is around €15 per shipment. We also have to pay the Spanish VAT but we would pay that anyway.
    Posted: Aug 6, 2021 By: Trevor Andrews Member since: Feb 9, 2021
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    You are not the only one having problems. Have a look at the thread "EU IOSS Sign Up". There are a lost of posts relating to the many issues connected with & without IOSS & is a good source of information. Check page 22 of the thread, 5 posts in, someone there mentions International Post issues.
    Perhaps you could re-post this query there?
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    @LHow - Thanks for the info. I didn't go through the mammoth IOSS Sign Up thread because we've already signed up for IOSS. But will go through the pages you've mentioned. Thanks for that.

    I'll put a link to this post on that post too to see if people would like to share their experiences away from that thread, since it's really long :)

    @Trevor Andrews - do you receive your shipments from ? Or is it a courier company like DHL or something? We usually only use the state carriers.
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  5. LHow

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    Another thread that may be useful to check & watch is "handling fees to recipients despite ioss use"

    The lengthy IOSS Sign Up thread is worth watching, it's being used for all sorts of IOSS related info, how to sign up for IOSS, alternatives to it, etc. See page 21 onwards for people's recent experiences of issues with Royal Mail. From what I understand (unless it's a sale via Ebay & other marketplaces' IOSS schemes) then you need to use Royal Mail's Click & Drop system to use your own IOSS number correctly, because IOSS codes have to be included electronically along with all customs information.

    There was a massive booboo on the part of Royal Mail when they changed the input field for the IOSS number in Click & Drop (I think on July 22nd), & that has caused sellers issues too. All in all, it's a mess & systems are still being put in place or adapted, so it's keeping everyone on their toes.

    Also check the info here :
    Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) and Postal Delivered Duties Paid (PDDP) | Royal Mail Group Ltd
    Can't post link but it's at (slash) business (slash) international (slash) guide (slash) delivered-duties-paid-ioss
    Scroll down to
    How should you enter your IOSS number when sending goods via Royal Mail?
    & also under MORE INFORMATION
    * Full and accurate electronic customs data is required for IOSS and PDDP
    * Items without full and accurate data will be sent / delivered as DDU

    That last line probably tells you why you've had the problems.
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    Thank you so much for your info Lhow.
    Will definitely keep an eye on the other thread too.
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