Introducing Developer Connection, the new Magento project marketplace

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    Developer Connection is a new marketplace to connect UK Magento store owners with quality local development talent. The service targets the UK specifically and has a number of advantages over other services like Upwork:
    • Low cost. We don't take any cut of work done so clients pay less because developer rates aren't hiked.
    • In depth developer profiles and for better decision making on the right developer for your store.
    • Automatic, intelligent, instant matching of available developers to projects. You can view and contact available developers as soon as you have posted your project.
    • Automatic management of developer availability so you know all developers matched to your project have the hours to work on it.
    At the moment we have a 50% discount offer so posting a project costs just £25.

    Lots of developers have already signed up for the service and are waiting to be matched to your project!

    The video below gives you a very quick overview of the service.

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