Internet Retailing Expo and Other Events ?

Discussion in 'Websites & Ecommerce' started by danny156, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. danny156

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    I anyone going to the internet retailing expo -

    We have never been to one but are thinking about going to this years expo and seeing what the crack is ...

    Or has anyone been in the past and has any comments on it ? - things to do / avoid ?

    We are particularly interested in the workshops and if people think they are worth booking into ?

    Or anyone been to any eCommerce fairs / events and has any comments about them in general

    Posted: Mar 8, 2012 By: danny156 Member since: Jan 11, 2011
  2. PayPoint net

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    Hi Danny

    I think the workshops and seminars are really interesting at e-commerce events (providing it is a topic that you are interested in learning more about or having challenges with currently). I would make sure you get each presentation that is of interest to you emailed to you (if possible) so you have something to refer back to as there is a lot if information shared at these events. Internet Retailing is a very respected publication among retailers and service providers alike. Seminars aside, if you can afford a few hours out of your workspace, I do find that I get inspired by exhibitors and new offerings however I usually find the seminars to be of more value. Always good to get some insight into what the competition is up to though ;)

    Make sure to give us feedback if you do attend!

    All the best
    Posted: Mar 8, 2012 By: PayPoint net Member since: Aug 18, 2008
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