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    We have had our business phone number for over 23 years and when we moved from Beds to Dorset, I heard that we could migrate this tel no via an internet phone, so I arranged to do this and the transition was seamless. However, I have now changed providers from Plusnet to Sky, who assured me that their broadband supported VOIP. However, when the router was set up and our internet phone plugged in it would not work.

    The internet provider is and they have been brilliant. In order that I could keep taking my calls, they put an app on my mobile phone. While it is not ideal (I live in the sticks and the connection is very hit and miss). I cannot have this full time, so I explained this to Sky and after weeks of them trying to find out why the phone was not connecting to their broadband and three routers later, it appears that the system does not, in fact, support the migration of telephone numbers. Since Sky now provides this service, they have stopped any other VOIP providers from using the channel required to route these calls.

    Having spoken to a Sky representative on Friday she hinted that this could be done, but could not provide any details. Sky broadband is great since it never drops out as Plusnet did, but I cannot stay with a company that is stopping my VOIP phone from functioning.

    Does anyone have any suggestions please, since I am running out of ideas?
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    I normally suggest to them to port phone numbers to a VOIP company, they will hold your number and provide you with a fixed connection, normally a Voip phone setup or on your mobile with voip software, with it you can then expand to add extentions so more than one location can pickup and call. The beauty of this is it does not lock your phone to any phone provider nor to any type of phones which sometime they can charge a small fortune to buy or rent.
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