Internet Marketing Platinum Launch Wordpress Maintenance and Support Package

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    Yorkshire digital agency has launch a Wordpress Maintenance and Support Service. Websites are getting larger - back in the early 2000's websites were small, generally 5 pages, with no contact management system. Modern websites are larger, clients can manage their own websites, add images and blog posts on a regular basis - websites are growing in size. We all know that we must backup our websites on a regular basis and our web hosts do a great job of backing these up but most clients wants access to their backups and rollbacks pretty much straight away if things do go wrong. Everyone has heard of someone who has had their Wordpress website hacked, gone down, failed during plugin, Wordpress core, or Wordpress theme updates, and various other things that can go wrong. Content management system (CMS) driven websites are more complex than the old school static html websites and with this complexity comes increased maintenance costs. Wordpress backup plugins usually work using a php script which requires lots of server resources - they can also have difficulty backing up larger websites. Because of this increased server load many hosting providers limit resources. This is where our incremental backups come in. Whereas php script based backups are prone to a higher failure rate, incremental backups have an higher success rate because one initial backup is taken and then just the changes that are made are added to the backup. Read more about this at where you'll also find our package pricing matrix.

    Internet Marketing Platinum has put together a package that can help you, the small business owner, sleep better at night, no longer be afraid of updating your core, themes and plugins (because we do it for you), and backing up their site as well as how much uptime your website actually has, and whether malware and viruses have infected your website. Find out more here
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