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    provides the most outstanding web-based e-commerce technical services. We have set up the standard of extraordinary efficiency and highest results for the merchants and financial institutions of all types across the globe.
    Besides, PaySpacelv is rather flexible and can offer you a customizable payment environment to meet the specific needs of your clients.
    Almost 10 years on from its launch, PaySpacelv became an experienced high-risk payment provider offering a full suite of payment processing services. Today, we focus primarily on high-risk payment solutions, working with SaaS, online gambling, and dating businesses worldwide.

    The company offers services to merchants involved in the following business activities:
    • E-commerce
    • Forex
    • Video gaming
    • Gambling
    • Retail
    • Restaurant
    • Travel
    • Dating
    • Hosting
    If you have not found your business on our list, contact the Sales representative: we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand client base.

    Among the additional advantages of our high-risk merchant processing, are:
    • Transaction rates start at 1.2% + 0.3$. No hidden fees.
    • 130+ countries we operate in.
    • 100+ currency support, including crypto.
    • Cerrier billing.
    • Fraud and chargeback prevention system.
    • Recurring payments.
    • Split payments.
    • Mobile payments.
    • Various integration options: API, Hosted Payment Page, Virtual Terminal, CMS plugins.
    • Merchant account registration.
    Please, fill up our merchant form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
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