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    Good Morning
    I am in the process of renewing my ecommerce website. I've done a number of free trials and have finally decided to use Shopify. I keep reading that I can have a feed into my Amazon/Ebay/Facebook store but have been reluctant to commit to it on the free trial versions. It would be appealling as it would save me a bucketload of duplication but what I have not been able to find out is whether the prices have to stay the same on the marketplace as they are on the 'parent' website? I have to mark up my prices when listing on marketplaces to cover the fees. If they don't have to be the same, does anyone know if it is a simple process to change the prices? Could I, for instance, put in a % mark up figure somewhere?
    Any help would be appreciated!
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    It depends on what integration app you use on Shopify to export products to marketplaces. Some allow you to modify prices, some don't.
    If the marketplace imposes some restrictions about the price, that's another question. Last time I checked Amazon didn't.
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    Thank you for your rapid and helpful response - best I trawl through the integration apps then!
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    I think you need to do all that things manually for all that marketplaces you really listed unless of course you will not find some extension to shopify and that's really it and I do understand what that mean. Please try to be active here. Keep us posted.
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    For US companies Shopify is excellent. Not so much for UK companies. We are a UK marketing and design company, and have found that there are so many limitations with Shopify not being designed for the European market that you can very easily end up racking up huge monthly bills before you start getting any sales coming through the door.
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    Yes in EU prices can be different across sites. Amazon had price parity many years ago, don't think anyone requires it now in the EU.
    Outside, well America still has suppliers setting pricing.
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    So who do you recommend if I want a specialist ecommerce platform? I've looked at all the UK based ones (I think) and they either can't cope with my product variations, keep promising new features like cross channel selling but they don't seem to arrive or the back end is very complicated.
    I've had a look at Magento and it is not for me - too complicated and too much patching.
    My present WordPress site is tired and unresponsive. Although that might just be me.
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    It depends on the platform you use, for each has different integration possibilities. What comes to Magento, this platform allows for Amazon and eBay integration with specialized extensions; some of them are even free.
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    Your own CMS + marketplaces:

    Woo Commerce
    Big Commerce

    My understanding that you enter your product details into the above and then use 3rd party/built in extensions to connect to marketplaces/couriers/bookkeeping etc

    A step up would be your own CMS as above + 3rd party SaaS + marketplaces:


    This adds an extra cost, however they would bridge the gap better than possibly yourself/ patching extensions as they specialise din 'connecting everything'


    We currently use Magento 2 and I would say it is a harder/more expensive learning curve than the others but once set up correctly it is not patchy and works very plus. In addition several extentions we have had have been customised specifically to us which is great,
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    Amazon and other platforms have no free test for you. Shopify and bigecommerce have, you can try them for 15 days and get what you want. I do believe the website is good for protecting your product potent.
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  11. fisicx

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    Does it attract customers? Does it convert well? If it does then leave it alone.

    You could make a few tweaks to the theme to make it responsive, a Wordpress developers could probably do this for you in a couple of hours. And making it less tired looking might just mean a bit of CSS fiddling.
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