Integrating Royal Mail Local Collect into Magento

Discussion in 'Magento Support' started by cs73, Aug 31, 2017.

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    We have been thinking about trying to introduce some kind of Click & Collect option into our Magento site, where, instead of having the parcel delivered to their home, the customer can have the parcel delivered to a Third Party Collection location. Royal Mail do this, through their Local Collect service, where the customer chooses their local Post Office, you ship the parcel there, and the customer collects from the Post Office once it arrives.

    We looked at this previously, but implementing it into Magento would have been very expensive, as they only provided API access, so we would have had to have something built to integrate this. However they now have a widget which can be integrated direct into the checkout pages which then allows the customer to choose Local Collect, and it then connects with Royal Mail and shows them the locations near them, so they can choose where to have it delivered.

    More info can be found here > in the Local Collect Widget link at the bottom of that page.

    Has anyone used this widget to integrate Local Collect? I found a post from a while ago where one member on here had built the API interface, but not sure if using this widget is a viable option?
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