Instant Internet Business 14th November in London: One-Day Workshop For Business Owners

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    Psychology And Implementation Of
    A Successful Online Business Strategy"

    For Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Confused
    And Frustrated With Their Internet Marketing Results

    Are you struggling with your online marketing presence? My upcoming workshop shall address the technological and marketing challenges that many small business owners face to generate leads and income.


    SATURDAY 14TH NOVEMBER 2015 9:00AM-6:00PM

    For BUSINESS OWNERS that don't want to end up as computer programmers, but want to:

    * Understand online effective marketing strategies!
    * Generate LEADS and INCOME!
    * Learn the 5% you need to know and delegate the rest!

    Let me show you how I've done it and generated hundreds of thousands in online sales from property, products, events, affiliate marketing, joint ventures, etc. Don't be hijacked by website developers anymore coming up with a marketing strategy and how to implement it when they often know NOTHING about marketing themselves!

    You may even wish to fire your website developer when you discover how simple some of the work can more complicated than typing a Word document! What I show you will be in simple English, make sense, and have you wondering why technical people seem to go out of their way to speak in a foreign "geek" language! This may well be a fresh new start for you to appreciate and understand the entrepreneurs view of effective business marketing.


    * Unlock the reasons why so many businesses, perhaps yours, fail the 8-second test whereby website visitors come and then go forever.

    * What is therefore the real cost of lost business of all the things you are doing wrong and probably unaware of them.

    * How to look at your online presence through the eyes of your visitors.

    * Assess your own business through a case study example as we build their web presence from scratch.

    * How to get a simple and effective presence online quickly instead of taking forever, spending a fortune, making no money on a website forever under development.

    * How to systemise everything so that you do the minimum needed for the maximum results.

    * What repetitive tasks you can give to others to do at a fraction of the cost of you or staff doing it.

    * What 5% input is required from you to build your list and get people aware you even exist, and why they should buy from you.

    * What business alliances you should look for to help grow their business and yours.

    * The implementation of an automated sales funnel to warm up your audience to the point of purchase from you.

    * How to take online orders 24 hours a day from a variety of download digital products you can create online.

    * Receive an action plan of practical tasks to complete over the subsequent 30 days.





    Come And Join Me! This Is A Training Workshop And Not A Sell-A-Thon!

    What I shall be sharing with you and demonstrating live will make the difference to your business well being, and therefore to the people depending on expecting much of you to deliver for them. The methods I teach and the psychology behind them makes this much more than simply another internet marketing seminar.

    * They are powerful!
    * They will empower you!
    * They will give you competitive advantage!

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