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    Hi all,

    I am currently doing link building for our platform which we just recently launched. We have a few pieces of content live and have already built quite a few pages. Do you guys know of any good tactics for initially getting a few high-quality backlinks to get started?

    We have already started the "classic" process of building links to our content and I am looking right now for a few low-hanging fruits to boost our efforts.

    Thanks a lot in advance for any insights :)
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    You need to be marketing not linkbuilding. There will be almost zero value in most of the linkbuilding you do. Your competitors are investing considerable time, resources and money on SEO so the chances of your efforts achieving anything are slim.

    The only low hanging fruit is to spend money on advertising. Sorry to be all doom and gloom but linkbuilding isn't the best way to move the business forwards.
    Posted: Jan 2, 2019 By: fisicx Member since: Sep 12, 2006
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    That’s a pretty defeatist attitude. There is value in link building as well as traditional marketing. They’re not mutually exclusive. Saying there would be “almost zero” value in it makes no sense to me if you’ve no idea of this person, his tactics, his budget, his motivation, the size of his team, his company, etc.

    There are a load of tactics that can get you some good links, but it really depends on so many factors as to which are most effective and which will be the easiest to achieve respectable results quickly. You can certainly try to market the content you’ve already produced to site owners that have published content that could be improved by including a link to your content. But that also depends on the quality of your own content.
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    Wasn’t meant to be defeatist, it was really just a response to his post which suggested he had found a few places to place links. You and I both know link building shouldn’t be done ad hoc, it takes time, skill and effort. Which is why I said he needs to spend money on marketing - of which SEO is just one component.

    If you look at the content on his site it’s not good. Not the sort of thing that adds value to an inbound link and no much use in promoting the freelancer service. Before any linkbuilding there are a whole load of things need fixing on the site.
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    Ok, right. Yep, I agree with that. It really needs a sustained effort combined with content development. The low hanging fruit isn’t really going to make the difference in a competitive industry.
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  6. timwulf

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    Hi guys,

    thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I am aware that our content is not really linkable yet, and we are currently working on building linkable content. That's why I thought that in the meantime it would be a good idea to start collecting some backlinks that don't require content, in case these exist.

    What would you say needs to get fixed? To give you some further context, the platform has been quite successful in Denmark and we now moved to the UK to show that we can get traction in larger, more competitive market. We are doing Marketing via other channels (mainly AdWords and Social Media) and have found that search converts quite well, which is why we want to get SEO up and running. We have identified several high-volume and low-difficulty keywords for the pages that are already live (Also surprising to me that these exist in our industry) and have high-quality content in the pipeline that we are working on right now. However, this requires some time and next to doing the necessary analysis and research, I am looking to find some ways to increase our domain authority already at least a little bit.
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  7. fisicx

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    Get a website review and members can help you out with suggestions.
    SEO requires a whole different approach to SMM and Adwords. The key is content - the stuff Google can index that is relevant to the purpose of the site. And this is where you will struggle. Everything on your site is dynamic so every time Google indexes the site it will see different content. You do have a blog but this is pretty much independent of the main site so isn't going to help you much.
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    @vishakha20 please do not post bad advice. Your suggestions are wrong, incorrect, pointless and useless.
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  9. WeddingsInWales

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    I have a few niche websites for a hotel I own in the Brecon Beacons and link building is not something I have done nearly enough of. I have managed over time to SEO some of the sites so they get found 'somewhere' for some keywords on Page One or Two of Google but I also notice a number of our competitors are often sat solidly at the top as well.

    The more niche you get the more you will be found on page one or two - try searching for 'Dog Friendly B&B in Wales' and you will probably find my hotel in the Brecon Beacons, or try searching for 'ghost hunts in south wales', or 'weddings in south wales castle' etc. So I like niche websites and niche marketing. Links can follow on from this.

    For example I tend to post on a few forums where the subject is one of my niche interests, dogs, ghosts, weddings, etc. My wife runs a visa business and has gone overboard building links, spending hours on it each week. She said this does tend to bring her site to the top in Russia and if she stops adding new links it drops down again. Yandex (Russian Google equivalent likes any old links it seems - but not sure how effective this would be in the UK ass Google is more discerning!

    The standard literature on this is to build links slowly steadily and consistently, maybe a couple a day.

    One way I got a load of links going was putting all my wedding suppliers on my site and linking to them if they linked to me in turn.

    I did a similar thing to a lesser extent with dogs. On the ghost site I found Adwords was very cheap (such an unusual niche, so low cost per click!) and Google posted me on some very good sites to get me more clicks.

    I did a lot of work on reciprocal links, and it is useful in my case as it supports the wedding suppliers, who then verbally recommend us and back us to the hilt on their social media pages, as they see we are backing them.

    I think Google do frown upon excessive reciprocal links and probably wants the links to have some relevance to what you do. Also you should really control the link text used which only you can do - hence the use of reelevant forums may be helpful.

    Note on some forums you can get a 'signature' link to your own site, which means every time you post on that forum, your signature creates a link to your site. The better quality forums are aware of this advantage and this uk businness forum for example limits your ability to do this.

    I suppose it really comes down to 'trading alliances' and simply teaming up with non competing but related businesses which customers may also use - and linking to them and them linking to you and giving each other mutual support in social media.

    Link building en masse with a load of junky irrelevant sites is not going to be useful or helpful at all and will probably knock your site off the rankings. I will be interested to see if anyone else has anything enlightening to say on the subject of link building that actually worked for them.
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  10. Awinner2

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    Press releases can also generate backlinks/citations that the search engines love.. driving traffic back to your site.
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  11. fisicx

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    Does this work for you?
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  12. Alan

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    You missed that you can get 5,000 high PR backlinks on Fiverr for $5.
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  13. xoxoseo

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    I advise to watch Ahrefs youtube channel, they have lots of amazing ideas
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  14. msharron

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    Okay... No.

    I'm going to disagree with The Clanger as well.

    Keep in my SEO's are like an a$$holes. Everyone has one and most of them are full of Sh1T! - I'm not exception to the rule.

    I build my site.
    Install analytics/WMT

    The idea here is traffic justifies links which should look natural.

    I build my social profiles and start promoting the site (this can include forums).
    I order a press release (no-follow) and use only a branded URL also linking to my social profiles.
    I then start building out business directories (if local) - slowly.

    AHREFS/MAJESTIC/SEMRUSH to then find where my competitors have links from.
    Where possible I identify topics and focus my efforts on specific Majestic TTF flavours as its a good reflection of topic sensitive Pagerank.

    This is pure Match and Exceed. Links will include niche directories, link pages, guest posts with a focus on relevance - DO THIS SLOWLY!!!!

    Back to @fisicx - The clanger I suspect like myself, primarily an onsite/tech SEO.
    If you know what you are doing you really push the needle with tech SEO, content and internal linking.

    They key here is information architecture, supporting content and internal linking.
    If you have a handle on graph theory/natural language processing you can run circles round Google with entity salient copy and trust manipulation still need a smattering of links.
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    And for the love of god - link to supporting content (inner pages). Links are unpredictable if you don't know what you are doing. You can 404 a page with bad links. Else you'll depend on site owners / google to perform a disavow if a link turns out to be toxic.
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  16. fisicx

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    Get this right and you just need enough of the right links to pique Google's interest.
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  17. SystemPioneer Ltd

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    SEO is like a pie and link building is only a slice. You get half the pie if you don't have good natural marketing but essential if you want to outrank the competition (and get the full pie)
    Posted: Jan 8, 2019 By: SystemPioneer Ltd Member since: Jan 8, 2019
  18. Cash Cow

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    Write blog posts, find similar conversations, join in and add your link.

    I find a useful way to do that is to Google your subject, followed by ''Notify me of follow up comments".

    That will return blog posts in your niche, which accept comments with a link ;)
    Posted: Jan 8, 2019 By: Cash Cow Member since: Dec 13, 2018
  19. ITBadger

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    Tell us when you find them, the entire SEO community would like to know.

    But seriously, link building is not something you should look for low hanging fruit in, as the chances are they're going to be of poor quality that's going to do diddly squat for your site.

    You're better off spending your time writing exceptionally well researched, informative content that you can also pair with content off-site of the same nature. Look at what your competitors are doing, what they're writing about and see how you can do it better.
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  20. Silky

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    PR releases do drive traffic back to your site if they're successful in getting good placement. One of our first press releases ended up with a rather useful little article in the Guardian, with a heap load of traffic and sales. The link also showed in our profile for many years. A press release simply posted up on cheap and nasty database of nothing more than SEO articles though? Nope, I'm with you on that one.

    Rather than aiming for cheap links, the OP should aim for sales and finding their customers, a far better way of attracting the right links and traffic to a web site.
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