Indian JUTE bags market needed

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    I have an Indian product. How can I find a market in UK? It is the recyclable Jute bags. I don't know where to start. I checked with Matalan. They told to contact Liverpool main office. Will they consider if I go there? Matlan, ASDA etc, are they deal only top companies?
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    Go to trade fairs, present your product to thousands of retailers in just a few days. May get some orders if your products are what the retailers think will sell.

    You don't necessarily want to start with big companies - they may well do a large order, you getting paid for it will be a few months after delivery. And they will want substantial discount on normal wholesale price.
    If Matalan ordered 100,000 bags next week for delivery in October could you manage with being paid in February?
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    Thank you D.
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    Do you live in the UK? If yes, then there is no harm in visiting a potential customer.

    Most of the jute bags available in UK supermarket are from Indian source. So, yes there is a scope for you to compete. However you have to give sample and meet their supply terms and conditions before you can actually supply.

    As mentioned above, you are safe to start with smaller quantity to try your product in term of Quality, lead time, price, customisation etc...

    Good luck,
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    A visit to the "NEC" relevant trade fair may be of use, meeting both potential customers as well as competitors, small stands are not megabucks
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