Incorporating gift wrap into dispatch procedure

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    We are looking to start offering gift wrap and messages as an option to customers due to a lot of our items being 'gifty' and bought as presents
    We will advertise it on the website and have already started to get a bit of pickup on it so expect it to take off come xmas

    However we are struggling to come up with a sensible way to incorporate it into our dispatch workflow so I was wondering if other people offer it and how they manage it ?

    At the moment we have 4 individual consoles for each packer and a picker who delivers items from the warehouse to them

    We are short on space but do have the option of making a dedicated gift wrap station for someone to work through them all then start packing as per normal - we could turn an existing console into a station

    I have also looked at setting up a roll of wrap on each station and the packers do it as they get to it - but this requires 4 holders - 4 rolls of wrap etc and the cost shoots up

    I have also thought about setting up a roll of wrap in the packing area on something like this - - a wall roll holder and the packers can go and get the wrap when they need it and it doesn't take up an extra console

    We currently have a mix of opinions in the warehouse as to what is best option for space and workflow ... has anyone had any experience with this and how they manage it ?

    Many thanks
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