Impossible to get T1 for export to EU (urgent)

Discussion in 'International Business' started by qqcs, Jan 13, 2021.

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    We are UK based custom made furniture installer company. We are importing from EU, this week's import went well. Now we would like to send back (export) some packing material and tools, fittings to our EU supplier. All documents ready but T1 missing. The transport company cannot enter the EU without that. The broker who made the documents cannot make a T1 document. We called 56 cargo, logistic ect company and nobody can create T1 document for us. The truck loaded and waiting for this document for 3rd days now.
    Is there any idea or help how we can get T1?
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    The provision of the T1 document is a major issue right now and many freight companies are refusing to create one for new customers. Some are even insisting they will only create one if they handle the whole shipment, transport et al. This is largely because, when creating a T1, the freight agent must also put up a £ guarantee by way of a bond with HMRC. Therefore its not unreasonable that they want full control over the shipment.

    When the driver discharges the T1 at destination, the guaranteed value is returned back into the freight agents bond. However, because there is so much confusion over what paperwork is now required and what to do with it, a lot of drivers are not getting their T1's discharged by customs at destination.

    Consequently the T1 value is not being returned back into the freight agents' bond which over a short period of time has caused a lot of bonds to become exhausted. So in some cases, it's a fact that a freight agent cannot create a T1 due to having no 'monies' left in their bond account.

    As I've said, its a big problem right now and one that need resolving quickly otherwise our trade with the EU will literally come to a stand still.
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