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    Hi my family have their own brand and product that they want to import to sell in uk..

    first up, my sister have products from thailand of her own brand like thai snack and herbal aroma massage oil etc to sell in UK shes wondering if she would like import and sell her product in UK what are the steps and process that she have to follow?

    second is my aunte and uncle theyre currently new zealand citizen now and they have beauty and skin care product from newzealand that they want to sell and import to uk retailers / drugstores like Boots etc. what do they have to do to be able to import their products to sell in shops in uk?

    please help me guide
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    You have two separate product categories here, one is food the other cosmetics. Food will have to comply with current UK food standards to enter the UK but is quite straightforward.
    Cosmetics however have a whole host of EU regulations you need to comply with yes. (Yes you still need to comply with EU regulations at least until December 2020).
    Here is a brief summary of what is required.

    Definition: a cosmetic is something that is intended to be applied to the skin, epidermis, nails, hair, lips, eyes, or put in the mouth for the purpose of cleaning, whitening or changing odour,

    Will need to comply with EU Cosmetics regulations No 1223/2009.

    1. Product must not contain ingredients on prohibited list

    2. Product is subject to additional controls if it contains a restricted ingredient (may include concentration limits and increased labelling).

    3. A responsible person with a UK contact address must be nominated. Usually the manufacturer (if in UK) or the importer

    4. Labelling:

    a. Address of responsible person in UK

    b. Country of origin

    c. Description of function (eg insect repellent)

    d. Identification eg batch number

    e. Product life expectancy (eg best before if less than 30 months or if longer using once opened symbol

    f. Storage instructions

    g. Precautions in use eg. avoid contact with eyes

    h. Ingredients list (by weight) – on packaging only (all above on product and packaging).

    5. Responsible person (see 3a) needs to keep records for 10 years at registered address in the form of a product information file (PIF)

    a. Description of product details and reference number

    b. Full ingredient details

    c. Physico-chemical and biological specifications of raw ingredients, finished product, and purity and microbiological control criteria

    d. Description od method of manufacturing and statement on compliance with good manufacturing practice

    e. Proof to justify any claims made in relation to the product and its efficacy

    f. Data on any animal testing relating to development or safety of product or ingredients

    g. Cosmetic safety product report (SA) – assessment of safety for human health of finished product including criteria stipulated in regulations

    h. Name and address of persons who carried the safety assessment including their qualifications.

    6. Notification requirements

    7. You (as responsible person) must register with the European Commission Authentication Service (EXAS) and obtain a unique login for your business. You then need to provide detailed information for all the cosmetic products you offer for sale via the CPNP portal before you start selling. The information includes:

    a. Category of product and name

    b. Name address and contact details for specific individual

    c. Presence of any materials in the form of nanomaterials

    d. The frame formulation allowing safe medical treatment

    e. Pictures of the product, its packaging and labelling.

    Once all this is complied with you can commence selling!

    Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more ([email protected]).
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    where can i find the distributor or importer of beauty products in UK?
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    In the UK. You knock on doors, exhibit at trade shows, meet with buyers, do demonstrations.
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    by knock on doors you mean go to shops like boots and enquire about this?
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    Not literally, but you need to contact their buyers and arrange a meeting. But you first need to comply with all the legislation listed above.
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    I’m looking at starting a cosmetic company selling oral cleaning products. Does anyone know where I can find guidance or examples of a PIF? Being able to actually see what a PIF looks like would help a lot
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    First things, if you have a big brand of food stuffs from Thailand and they are your family, release the name and we can take a look and tell you more info.

    If these are products your family are making in their house and they do not sell them to multiple stores in Thailand, I would say you have zero credibility. So you need to provide more details if you want to make this happen and you also need professionals to work alongside and learn from.

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