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Discussion in 'International Business' started by 19ninety, Sep 4, 2019.

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    This is a new one for me, previously all my importing has been done using couriers for shipping from the origin country to this country, so nice and straight forward. I have a new supplier looking to send a shipment to me "CIF".
    How do I handle this to minimise any issues once my shipment arrives at the airport here in the UK? The shipment hasn't been shipped yet, so I don't know the destination airport. What do I need to do once I know what the airport the shipment will arrive at, and how do I arrange to pay the import duty & VAT and arrange for the shipment to get from the airport to me? I really don't know the best term to search online for results which aren't related to CIF (Jif if you remember Marathon bars...) and cleaning products and services...
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    Why do they want to send by CIF to your destination airport as opposed to a door to door courier?

    My advice is for you to arrange your own shipping and depending on the size/weight of the shipment use an international courier with a door to door service, as you have been using for your other shipments.

    Generally, airport to airport is OK for large shipment volumes/weights, but for smaller shipments your destination charges (Airport clearance & delivery to your door) can be expensive as there are minimum charges.

    Get quotes for a door to door service and compare.

    If you need any assistance, feel free to ask using the link in my signature below
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    Going forward the above is good advice. For this particular shipment on CIF terms - your supplier is paying all transport charges including insurance, up to arrival UK airport or seaport - upon arrival you will be responsible for UK customs clearance, handling, delivery to your address and duty & VAT. My suggestion is for you to appoint a UK forwarder to handle all this for you at an agreed price. Contact any decent forwarder in the UK (they don't need to be based at the airport of arrival) and they will give you advice and a quotation for their services.
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    As per the advice above I would definitely avoid shipping CIF - you are likely to end up with hefty airport clearance and handling charges. Either get the supplier to ship door to door or if they decline arrange the airfreight yourself using a UK freight forwarder. There are lots around who can help you. I don't know where your supplier is based but if it's China we can certainly do this for you.
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    Thanks for the advise all, the supplier is happy for me to arrange my own service and so can also reduce the product price a small amount. I'll continue to way up the various options and see what the option is once all considered.
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