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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for a service based in the USA that will receive my packages, consolidate them and send them off on a pallet to the UK.

    Now I am using myUS service where I have my suite and send parcels to from my suppliers. They are repacked into one box and sent to the UK. This way it saves a lot on the shipping costs. But still, It costs me around $180 for 85 lbs, not very expensive but now I have a new supplier that does not ship internationally and I would like to make bigger orders that would require a pallet.

    My problem is that I would be purchasing from different sources and would like it to be all sent on a pallet so I need a service that will put it all together and send it to the UK.

    Did anyone use a similar service before? Also, if someone could recommend a sea shipping broker that can receive a pallet in the US and send it to the UK. Thank you
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    Any UK freight forwarder can arrange this for you provided they have representation in the US.
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