Importing from China- visiting but do I need an agent?

Discussion in 'International Business' started by nowtie, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. nowtie

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    I'm making a trip to Shanghai, Fuzhou and Beijing in May to source suppliers for a gift company I'm setting up. (looking to import wood products) At the moment I'm taking along a friend who speaks fluent Mandarin but is no expert on the import/export business.

    Firstly do I need an agent in China if I'm going there anyway?

    If I do then can recommend any agents in any of those cities mentioned above? I will not be importing on a huge scale but don't want to get my fingers burnt if the relationship ends up in court of something (god forbid)

    Thank you
    Posted: Mar 8, 2010 By: nowtie Member since: Mar 8, 2010
  2. Tait

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    I not sure why you are wasting your time by going to Beijing as there is not much in the way of factory's up that way. (lived there for 4 years before moving here to Shenzhen)

    What sort of wooden gifts are you looking for?

    An agent is good for facilitating the shipment and quality control if anything goes wrong. Comes down to how much you are buying and is it worth it for you.

    The other terms looked ok, but i am no expert.

    The one thing that made me laugh was the comment we have lots of customers in the UK and our products are only for export. I have heard that exact statement many times, I think they teach it at school.

    Usually one area in China will specialize in a few product, for instance Taizou and the surrounding villages in Zhejiang produces motorbike's/shoe's and bathroom.

    So i would recommend if you haven't already look for the area that specializes in producing the sort of gifts you are after.

    Let me know what sort of wooden gifts you are seeking and ill forward you some information and try to find the area/city that specializes in that product if you haven't already.
    Posted: Mar 8, 2010 By: Tait Member since: Mar 6, 2010
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