Importing electrical machines

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    That is irresponsible for the kids.The toys without being tested can turn out to be harmful.I suggest you ask your supplier to get the CE certificate properly.
    Besides, I also suggest you report the seller who sold toys without CE, instead of following thier steps. The kids are innocent.
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    For a Chinese manufacturer, getting CE certificates in China is as easy as taking the certifying company representative for dinner and handing over a red envelope. (this means an envelope with cash). You should ask for a scan of the CE cert and then contact the certifying company to confirm the facts. So many companies use photoshop of certs from google images or Baidu. Proving you have done this might keep you out of jail if your imports kill someone. However one of the safest ways is to get a sample sent over, confirm your safety approval and ensure what is wanted is placed in the container.
    It is very easy to buy online, or contract a company to make your specialist parts and get nothing like you paid for. The sample may be one they bought from another company.
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    If you bother to take the time read all of the last few messages in context, you will see that nothing has been sold in the EU yet.

    No one has been irresponsible. Quite the opposite, they are working out how to get CE marking for goods that do not have it.

    There is no one to report.
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    It’s always the importer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct declared value is stated on the Commercial Invoice. This responsibility cannot be shifted to the Chinese supplier.
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    What does declared value have to do with CE certification?
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    I seem to remember UK Border Force intercepting consignments of 'hoverboards' because they did not meet the CE standards, many with fake CE markings.

    Can't post links until posted 30 times but a new search shows up this does happen.
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    Fake documentation is an entirely different matter.
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