Importing and selling online in UK dry food from EU

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    Hi Everyone
    I'm new to this forum and I'm glad I found a place to get some help on starting. I have already read in some post and online articles and I can't find the answer to my specifics questions.

    I want to launch this online store to sell dry food like (flour, pasta, oil, chocolate, honey and different kind of sauces) everything will be already pre-packed, branded and ready to sell in the city they are coming from.
    So I really do not understand which are my requirements in terms of food safety and law here in the UK (labelling, insurance, licences) can I sell without my own brand?
    Also with the new regulations coming up from 1st January which will be the requirements to import from EU?

    can somebody kindly help me to come up with some solutions
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    Look on government website for latest on importing goods.
    The particular import duty (if any) will depend on the item. And what government decides to charge to prop up the economy.

    Dry honey? Crystalized? Somewhat a niche market, some local supplies to compete with.
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