Importing a new product and a repaired product in same parcel.

Discussion in 'International Business' started by Nico Albrecht, Aug 2, 2019.

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    I was wondering about advice how to import a product that would be shipped with a repaired product from Canada to UK.

    2 days ago I send a tool back to the manufacture for repair and was planning to order a new tool as well and hopping both can be shipped in 1 parcel back to me in about 1 week.

    DHL would be the shipper and for the broken tool all paper work e.g purchase proof and repair dockets are included.

    Postage would be 90$ so instead of paying 2 x $90 ( 1 repair , one new item ) I would like to have that included in one delivery as both are light and combined under 1kg anyway.

    I got following response from the manufacture for my req. :

    We could, but for the commercial invoice we can only state one reason for shipping the package. It can either be return after repair, in which case you should not pay taxes on it, or it’s a sale, in which case you will. If we add the xxxxx then the whole package will have to be marked as a sale, so you’d likely have to pay taxes on xxxxxxxx a second time. xxxxxx hardware has a low value of $60US (rest of value is in software that you download online).

    Any recommendations?
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    Can the items be in the same package - Yes
    Can they both be on the same invoice - Yes (providing the one for repair is clearly described as such)
    Values - Accurate. If you describe the broken one with a very low value, Customs might challenge as if something is worthless then why pay shipping charges.
    You will need, however, two separate Customs declarations, one for the broken one and one for the new one. Correctly declaring the broken one means the import revenue is suspended (though you may have to pay a refundable deposit to cover the revenue), providing you re-export within a set period.
    My advice would be to use a proper agent
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    One item ref xxx returned from repair under guarantee valued at (Repair cost or zero)
    Previously dispatched to customer xx month year dispatch note no xxxx

    One item ref xxx new valued at $xxxxx.oo

    Shipping charge $xx.xx

    Total value of invoice $xxxxx
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