Importing 1000 calendars from China - what are costs?

Discussion in 'International Business' started by Lkolster, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. Lkolster

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    I am an artist and producing 1000 calendars in Shenzhen of my drawings and planning on getting them shipped over to the UK to sell for next year

    The quotes I have received I are CIFS and come to around $1900 USD, though seem to vary quite a bit, from $50-150 USD.

    This is my first time importing anything and it is all quite foreign to me.

    I would like to know what the main and possible hidden charges which i'll have to pay upon it arriving at port in the UK, given the small quantity and type of my product.

    ***How much would the import duty be? ( i have looked on HM revenue & customs but cannot see how to work this amount out for my product)

    ***I assume I will have to pay VAT which is based on total invoice amount?

    ***Are there fees for customs clearance and port handlings?

    ***Will i need an import license and if so how much will this be

    ***What documentation if any would i need in preparation of arrival of my shipment?

    ***what sort of total estimates could i expect for bringing my product to my door?

    Any othere things i should be aware of - please advise me

    Many thanks to anyone who can help me

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  2. AnnieUK

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    import duty tax is calculated as

    goods value * (duty rate/(100+duty rate))

    now goods value, there are 6 methods to calculated that, you should always start from using the 1st method, if it can't give you an value ,you then go to the second and the third and so on.

    i don't think yours is that complex (this is only my opinion)

    the cost should include your cost for goods and freight cost and any other cost invovled to bring the goods to UK.

    when you know the invoice value, you also need to know the duty rate for your type of goods. every goods have a code and they have a duty rate

    back to you PO i don't think it should be a lot of duty tax for yours $1900
    it should be something affordable

    i do think that you need to have import right to import (however, this is only my opinion, i never check it out if it is not the case) and if you find out later that everybody can import don't need import right, please let me know so i can save my fee for paying to an import agent

    i just use an import agent to clear it for me and pay them a fee, the fee i pay is not a lot. obviously when you find an agent, you will ask their price and be happy about it. and they can arrange delivery for you as well to the place you want it be drop and they charge me £100 for every delivery.

    so to summerise, you will need to sort out the cost in UK, you will need to pay import duty tax, vat 17.5%, agent fee if you use one and delivery charge. the total should not be a lot. you can check it with HMRC for your case. the duty tax and vat is set amount depends on your value of goods, and other agents fee, you can shop arround and work it out. hope this will give you an idea.


    P.S. also depends on whether you use a sea ship or air ship, for some imports under a certain value, the agent can collect the import tax, i.e. if you use UPS to deliver, they can collect the tax and submit to inland revenue, however, the amount they collect might be more than the actuall you need to pay, but you can claim it back later if you think you over paid.
    and air ship is more expensive than sea ship.

    and you need to keep all your documents of tax you paid as evidence to show HMRC if you need to claim it back your overpayment.

    the above only my experience from importing, you can check it out with HMRC and if i am wrong, please let me know.
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  4. paulears

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    Depending on the carrier, you'll get charged the VAT and the handling charge. DHL charge £10 and the VAT on the declared price on the parcel. The Chinese seem to have a variable attitude as to what value they write - it never resembles what I actually seem to pay them.
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