Import from EU then export back out to EU?

Discussion in 'International Business' started by UK Dave, Jan 10, 2021.

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    We have a German HQ that manufactures machinery including spare parts. We import spare into a UK warehouse to supply to customers, some of whom are in the Republic of Ireland, some are GB customers.

    Are we liable for tariffs on parts that are imported from the EU and then exported out?

    We do not differentiate on spares held in the warehouse between items that may go to GB or ROI customers, it’s all one pot of stock. We don’t rework any items, simply hold the stock to quickly supply to customers.

    Worried we may have to start paying tariffs on exports out to Ireland based on the county of origin of the goods.
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  2. Paul Norman

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    My advice would be to consider having a warehouse in Germany, or someone in the EU, and to cut the UK out of that loop.

    However, you are going to need some expert advice on the tariffs, and on the paperwork, that will be needed to do what you describe.

    As a general rule, because the UK is now a 'third country' from an EU perspective businesses that logistically included the UK as a part of the EU are about to get a big hike in costs. A business in my portfolio used to import goods from EU and most of the retail customers were in the EU. Clearly, it makes no further sense for me to base that business in the UK.
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    Thanks Paul, setting up an EU warehouse (in ROI) was what I was resigning myself to, and ship direct to there from Germany.
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    Look up "Inward Processing Relief". You might need to perform a "process" on the goods you re-export :)
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