Imminent Investor Invited to Lucrative Long-Term Partnership

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    Imminent Investor Invited to Lucrative Long-Term Partnership

    - I am looking for a single investor to lend me either £240K or £190K GBP’s.

    - Duration for between six and eighteen months (maximum).

    - My intention is to purchase my currently leased A2 freehold office building.

    With the first option to purchase the freehold within my lease, the office to be purchased is
    in a primary position within arguably the wealthiest town in the Thames Valley.

    - Lender’s security will be via a ‘First Charge’ on one of two freehold office buildings that
    have current commercial values of circa £450K and £300K.

    - I am respectfully offering both;
    *An interest rate of 7.4%P.A. and *Future involvement in secure property investment.

    - I reserve the right to repay the loan early in full. All investment opportunities will still apply.

    - I will pay a minimal £10K in the event of early loan repayment.

    - In the event of early loan repayment, interest will apply to days lapsed only and be
    calculated on an annual interest, prorated daily basis.

    - All monies - loan and charge for borrowing, will be repaid in full upon the conclusion of
    the loan.

    - Settlement of monies will be via:
    *The sale of one of my residential or commercial properties,
    * The refinance of one of my residential or commercial properties,
    * The repayment of monies as owed to myself.

    As the borrower, I have been self-employed for twenty-five years in the capacity of the
    active, majority shareholder in two partnerships and one limited company. My business is
    identifying ‘residential land development sites’ and pursuing planning, having done so for the
    majority of my past thirty-five years within the business.

    Over this time, I have personally been involved in identifying between one-hundred and fifty and two hundred sites in the south-east but mostly within my immediate area within the Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and Chalfont areas. I have a historic record of some one-hundred undeveloped land sites, that I am also personally involved and have control over.

    The investment mentioned above will see the investor become involved in a lucrative
    future and ongoing business relationship within this field. The previous small number of
    chosen investors have either retired through ill-health or died. This is, therefore, an exceptional
    opportunity. It is worth mentioning that I thrive on the high adrenalin inducing and excitement
    of this work. It is my intention to continue doing the same for the next ten-to-fifteen years.


    Thank you.


    20th June 2018
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