If you had a Finance Director, what would they advise? Find out for free!

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    If you are running a company that is not yet large enough to have a Finance Director and would like objective help on:
    • what you should be doing (and not doing) to increase sales
    • how (and where) to reduce costs
    • how to improve cashflow
    • how to improve tax-efficiency for the business and its owners
    • when to (and not to) use external funding
    • how to prepare your business for a sale
    PM me.

    July and August are usually quiet for me and i have some spare days. If near to London or Gloucestershire, I can visit you. If not, we can use telephone/Skype.

    The small print:
    I will donate up to half a day of my time for free between now and the end of August 2019.
    Recipients should be (free or full) members of UKBF prior to this offer being made, so before 09 July 2019.
    This offer is not available to start-ups, sole-traders, or people thinking about starting a business. Recipients will need to provide:
    • Confirmation that they are a shareholder and/or director of a VAT-registered company with a Company Registration number at Companies House, or that they are an equity partner in a VAT-registered partnership.
    • Two years accounts.
    • confirmation that the company (or Partnership) employs at least two people who are not directors and/or shareholders.
    • I will treat all communications, correspondences (other than those in public forums here) and advice as confidential, and will happily sign Non-Disclosure Agreements in favour of the recipient as is normal in the course of engaging a consultant.
    I'm not offering to do your accounts, and have no accounting software to sell you - that's what your accountant is for.

    What do I want in return? Nothing! But I'll obviously appreciate it if you pass my business card on to a potential client. :)
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