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    This reminds me of a blag by the Performing Rights Society some years ago who hired an agency to extract fees from unaware businesses. It went something like...

    The telephone goes..


    Me: ”Pardon?”


    Me: ”What?”

    “Do you play music at work?”

    Me: ”No”

    “Do you listen to the radio or have a television on?”

    Me: “Why?”

    “You need a license”

    Me: “Depart dear lady and peace be with you.” (paraphrase).
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    You're missing my point! The Google Facebook thing was a side-note - (and if they are so innocent why is My Zuckerburg always being dragged over the coals regarding privacy!? Cambridge analytica?)

    The main point is the ICO have sent out a heavy-handed letters to small business stating MOST businesses should pay - when in fact MANY should not. Its a blatantly misleading.

    Perhaps you're grumpy because you've paid your ICO bill without looking into it?
    Someone's gotta assist with their 1.3M deficit I suppose!
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    I now do my level best to not engage with these type of things with government, pay my CT in full and keep my head down is my attitude, increasingly place the rest of them on ignore. The amount of bureaucracy & form filling seems to gets worse and worse year on year, despite technology supposed to be making lives easier...

    The last straw for me that changed my attitude was the ONS getting their teeth into us, I filled their forms out studiously for years and yet the reward was more and more and more surveys landing on the mat, with more threats for non-completion. They get a sucker on the line and that is their invitation to harass and bombard you. The final trigger was when I got the Annual Business Survey for the third year in a row (supposed to be at random and a small sample of UK businesses). Anyone who has got that form will know its half a days job filling it in. Add into the 2-3 other forms they were sending on a monthly basis...I started ripping them up from that point on and never filled another one in since. Still get them coming from time to time albeit reduced considerably. Their prosecution rate is dismally low and I don't really care anymore, I've got a business to run.
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    Now you're changing the argument. You clearly don't know the details of Cambridge Analytica either, as Facebook didn't buy/sell data there. That was a separate issue.

    You said "How about you go after Facebook, Google and Amazon? These companies DO sell information to third parties" - Which is a lie and false information.

    You're here hitting on the ICO for a 'hard-hitting' letter, while yourself posting lies/false information. Or I should say mis-information by accident. You just were discussing something you don't have any idea about. You just like to have an overall hate on something, without considering facts.

    A heavy-hitting letter is irrelevant. If a business owner gets upset/scared about a letter like that, they shouldn't be a business owner. It's like any legal letter. Lots of big words which usually amount to pretty much nothing.

    I pay my ICO bill as I'm required to. The 1.3 deficit is irrelevant. If people should be paying it, they should be paying it. Nothing more, nothing less to it.

    If someone gets a heavy hitting letter saying to check if you should pay it and you pay it without checking, they need to re-evaluate what they're doing.
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    I don't. Because I'm not required to.
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    Indeed - on checking once we got the initial letter we also are not required to pay and informed them of that.
    Perhaps in a year or two the situation will change and we become liable to pay.
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    They don't have to sell information on to third parties - they just buy the 3rd parties instead
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    okaaayy "The Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal concerned the obtaining of the personal data of millions of Facebook users without their consent by British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, predominantly to be used for political advertising.[1]"

    As I say Anna you're missing the main point of my argument. I feel that the ICO are preoccupied sending misleading letters to small business, and blanket taxing the little-people. Small businesses that have enough worries at the moment thanks to the pandemic. We don't need more threats / taxes / fines on our doorstep.

    The whole thing is ironic in any case...so I just pay £40-£60 and then somehow I'm magically data-safe? I'd rather spend the money on security software, training and implementation.

    I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. You seem in favour of rad tape and big business.

    The point of my original post was to alert fellow SMEs that they may not have to pay -not sure why you're nitpicking it and pulling it apart. All I wanted to say was "Hey - small business - check before you blindly pay this!"
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    "Obtaining" the data is different to "being sold" the data. Stop digging.
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    So, presumably, that would mean those who hold details in order to invoice their customers ARE required to register?
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    Hi Cyndy - thank goodness a normal person that knows how to get the post back on topic!

    No, step 8 indicates you can use customer data for your core business activities. This can EVEN include marketing to them. So invoicing, accounts, everyday business activities solely relating to you and your business mean you are under no requirement to pay.
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  12. Paul Kelly ICHYB

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    What happens if you do not get to step 8 and get an answer at 7?

    BTW, Cyndy, if you follow that guidance, you will not be able to collect lead data, business cards at networking events (for marketing) or info at trade shows.
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    NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? Thanks
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    I provide payroll services to small employers. I am registered
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    Ummm then you have to pay - like it tells you.

    re your point about lead data. As far as I understand the rules (no expert) you're not allowed to email anyone without consent these days regardless of coughing up your £40-£60 fine...I mean fee.

    The fact someone has given you a business card is consent.
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