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I decided on my next business

Discussion in 'General Business Forum' started by DancingWithPoodles, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. LicensedToTrade

    LicensedToTrade UKBF Legend Free Member

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    Only if they moonlight as child minders.
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: LicensedToTrade Member since: Nov 7, 2009
  2. TFGtv

    TFGtv Banned

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    We understand exactly what happened. A sad wee fantasist got caught out on a pathetic series of lies and hasn't even the balls to walk quietly away....

    The only place you're heading is the embankment.... Cardboard Box City... :rolleyes:
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: TFGtv Member since: Aug 9, 2008
  3. Guest

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    So glad i came back to the has brightened up my Thursday morning! Now, back to some serious work (when i can stop laughing)........
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: Member since: Jan 1, 1970
  4. KING Professional Photography

    KING Professional Photography UKBF Ace Free Member

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    Crap camera, and a version of Photoshop that is yonks old. We have been runing V4 for over a year now... In fact I think I had that version on a machine with windows ME on it
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: KING Professional Photography Member since: Jun 30, 2009
  5. LicensedToTrade

    LicensedToTrade UKBF Legend Free Member

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    To be fair there haven't been any major developments worth mentioning except the histogram since photoshop 5.5. Adobe are running out of ideas. Illustrator on the other hand has come on leaps and bounds in the last few releases and indesign.
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: LicensedToTrade Member since: Nov 7, 2009
  6. PurityHealthandFitness

    PurityHealthandFitness UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I though copywrite was spelt as copyright :| (Check the soa... sorry chocolate pics)
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: PurityHealthandFitness Member since: Mar 20, 2008
  7. vvaannmmaann

    vvaannmmaann UKBF Legend Free Member

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    It's all very sad really.I actually feel quite sorry for him.

    However a question.
    Now DWP has been outed,Citizen Erased re-appears.A coincidence? I think we should be told.
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: vvaannmmaann Member since: Nov 6, 2007
  8. debbidoo

    debbidoo UKBF Ace Free Member

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    You know, I thought *exactly* the same thing :D
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: debbidoo Member since: Apr 10, 2008
  9. zimple

    zimple UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I think I recognise 3 of the 4 girls. If I'm right they are from Peterborough.
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: zimple Member since: Apr 4, 2008
  10. Connections_Media

    Connections_Media UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    How the f do I unsubscribe to this thread it's really starting to piss me off...filling my inbox up with pointless ****e.
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: Connections_Media Member since: Oct 28, 2009
  11. Guest

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    Oooooooh you dirty dog :p
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: Member since: Jan 1, 1970
  12. scribe

    scribe UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Just to say i am in awe of of you guys. The amount of information you have come up with from a photo i didn't even know you could do that .Alas DWP failed (no surprise there then ),it's been fun i admit but catering for DWPs ego, not as a businessman but as silly boy hiding behind a computer winding up members of a business forum has become tiresome.To be honest DWP should be banned along with his aliases i think we all know who they are, this forum is not for the likes of him he is more suited going into a kiddies chat room ( Big fish little pond syndrome) and trying to impress them but no doubt you will find they are probably more mature than he is .
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: scribe Member since: Nov 21, 2008
  13. Officebird

    Officebird UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    This thread has been the biggest competition to the original CE one that I have seen so far. I have to admit I thought they were the same guy. He's a lonely bored young man you know.

    THis has cheered up my lunchtime:) loving the pictures.
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: Officebird Member since: Mar 14, 2008
  14. Bri

    Bri UKBF Big Shot Free Member

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    did you change your sig and may I ask why?:|
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: Bri Member since: Oct 9, 2008
  15. dehaani

    dehaani UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Right at the top, just beneath where it says Page 72 of 72, there's a drop down menu called "Thread Tools". Click it and select the unsubscribe option.
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: dehaani Member since: Dec 16, 2009
  16. LicensedToTrade

    LicensedToTrade UKBF Legend Free Member

    6,330 2,143
    I just wanted to quote this 'nostalgia post' from earlier in the thread. Back in a time when things were simpler. :D
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: LicensedToTrade Member since: Nov 7, 2009
  17. ChrisAITY

    ChrisAITY UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Well at least the poodle is finding his way back to reality again, after he couldnt show any proof of the business.

    It has been a joke from the beginning, and we all know it, but we just wanted to see if it could be true, which clearly it aint..

    Thanks poodles for this thread, cant wait for the next time your on in a few months time, to see what else you have in store for us..

    Better luck next time buddy.

    BTW I thought you said your ''chocolate'' would be high quality, better than the 'cheap' high street chocolate.. to be fair, your chocolate is like a bar of soap with imprints of gingerbead men..

    Now poodles the least you can do is give us some evidence that your business is real.. because you said you would provide the photos, then you provide us with fake american photos (which I dont believe you have copyrighted), so rather than go off to bed in a tantrum screaming mummy mummy, I suggest owning up to the truth, that you have been bullsh**ting us the whole time OR send us some real photographs of your "launch".....

    Thanks all :)
    Posted: Dec 17, 2009 By: ChrisAITY Member since: Aug 10, 2009
  18. oldeagleeye

    oldeagleeye UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Come on guys give DWP some credit. He has managed to wind up dozens & dozens of normally quite sensible business folk on one of the longest running threads that I have seen with other 700 posts.

    He may be the biggest fruit & nutcase of all time then. He may well puusyfoot with other poodles but he has hung on like pit bull. Time however for us to unsubscribe and in doing so I'll leave with a rather apt quotation or rather a slight twist on the introduction given by one of Britain's most talented actors. It comes from the hit TV series Merlin and goes something like this.



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Posted: Dec 18, 2009 By: oldeagleeye Member since: Jul 16, 2008
  19. skyhi2

    skyhi2 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    You have to Laff tho :D

    Bless him,he kept us all amused for days ;)

    Posted: Dec 18, 2009 By: skyhi2 Member since: Sep 9, 2009
  20. Guest

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    No particular reason :) just fancied a change instead of having my full name all over the forum. GRDcredit thought i'd got divorced :D
    Posted: Dec 21, 2009 By: Member since: Jan 1, 1970
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