How we can stop global warming

Discussion in 'Green Business' started by Devvert, Jan 29, 2011.

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    What do I change the light to? Darkness?

    I drive the Ferrari less and use the Aston more -is that good?

    I recycle more as I now buy more.

    I have tyres...are they the same thing? Mine are black.

    I have cold drinks so all good there.

    If I avoid lots of packaging how can I recycle more?

    Which way should I adjust it?

    Have planted those now.

    How can I use the device if it is turned off?
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    I'm using a giant water-cooled workstation just to brows this forum. It saves energy as I don't need to turn on the radiator in my office!
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    Efforts to 'cure' global warming by individual members of the public I firmly believe to be tokenism. In fact, perhaps even pointless - BUT - it's a good green ethic to have and aspire to. Sadly, until Countries and governments do something in quantity, turning the bathroom light off is going to do absolutely nothing, when you see HUGE wastes of energy, deforestation on a country wide scale overseas and other ecological disasters. look not at fossil fuel, and nuclear powered power stations, look at who uses the power they produce. Look at how much electricity steel making consumes? Countries have choices, citizens don't.
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    I changed a bulb last week, the old one had gone and I was down to 2 lights in this room.
    Drive less? I suppose I could simply book a taxi more often. Kinda expensive and there aren't any in this village so will have to drive to pick me up.
    Recycle more? Unlikely - the recycle bin gets filled up then emptied, no space for recycling more unless I drive a couple of miles each way to the tip every week. With time sat in a car queue with engine running...
    Check tyres - yes, still got one on each wheel.
    Use less hot water - not sure how this is done when wanting a cup of hot tea. Or perhaps mean shower once a week? Not sure workmates would want that.
    Adjust your thermostat? Good idea, bit cool today. Up a degree it goes. Saves me wearing a hoodie.
    Plant a tree - good idea, then will have my own fuel for a wood burning stove.
    Turn off electronic devices - while reading the list on one.... Lets see, mobile phone is on, router is on, TV is on, alarm is on. Not sure if anything can be switched off.
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    For me the real issue is cutting down huge swathes of the rain forest. A Decade ago they were cutting down in Brazil alone an area the size of Wales and now they say the size of Belgium. The forests absorb C02 and give out Oxygen. For me we can only tinker, I don't think fossil fuels are the main culprit it is deforestation yet due to massive population growth in 3rd world countries I see little hope for the future in this regard. Even if we go to electric cars we will need to generate huge amounts of extra electricity.
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