How we can stop global warming

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    Stop using products with CFC, take your vehicle on a regular service maintenance to prevent it from emitting harmful smoke into the air, quite smoking because it does nothing good to the body as well as your surroundings... These are just some of the things you can do to stop global warming...:)
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    There seems to be a bit of difference in opinion here. So I would like to post this and hope someone finds the pragmatism useful

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    Efficient use of energy provides maximum performance at the moment. Almost every utility has literature showing that we could save enough energy right now with current technology, to withdraw all coal plants in the country. Have the answers here are some ways to save energy. Save money, too.
    Whatever your views on nuclear power plants, large will not be capable of significant contributions in the short term. Land acquisition, construction time, and the difficulty of financing large projects as it happens.
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    Hi all
    Tax to save ozone is good idea. we all are suffering from environment pollution. there are several reason of pollution.we have to save our environment. there is a new concept if people use public transport or whole family use one car in spite of separate it will reduce pollution.
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    Well if you want to control the global warming we all have to play our role mutually to reduce the pollution. it is the top most responsibility of organizations to get mature regarding corporate social responsibility. Use biodegradable solution as much as they can. As a consumer, it is our responsibility to boycott those companies who are not socially responsible. We all should learn the ways of disposing of our waste.
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    I am sure at first we must start from ourselves, from our families, from our company of office. I know it sounds too naive and romantic, but if everyone stopped to complain of others’ guilt, but started to do small steps into avoiding global warming, our planet would have the much better situation. As for me I try less driving and prefer to go on foot or cycle.
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    Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases (GHGs) today, the Earth would still warm by another degree Fahrenheit or so. But what we do from today forward makes a big difference. Depending on our choices, scientists predict that the Earth could eventually warm by as little as 2.5 degrees or as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
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    Our species is a SWITCHING PREDATOR that evolved in an enviroment, that was, to a stone age tribe, effectively infinite in size.

    We now know the earth is finite, and that because we are billions in number, that we are heading for a GLOBAL EASTER ISLAND SCENARIO

    We have not yet learned to control population sufficiently well enough to avoid a global population crash (2050 TO 2025)

    We have not yet learned to control consumption well enough, and it will be the resource crash and peak everything that will cause the population crash.

    Global JUST an early warning sign

    We did manage to fix the hole in the ozone layer, but there is no techno fix for the end of oil, gas, coal and uranium.

    A 100 years from now we will be living permanently in THE LONG TOMMOROW This will fundamentally alter the mindset of every culture and religion on the planet. Let's hope we have a permanent asteroid defence in place before we fight to death over the last drops of oil, fish in the sea etc.

    IT'S time we grew up in the cosmos

    To Asimov, to Sagan , the pale blue dot is in our hands now

    I for one, have no intention of dropping the ball
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    I read somewhere that Turning Off the Lights would help reduce Global Warming..that is if you are not using the room..Though I'm not quite sure how that works
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    take good care of trees and plants, minimize other dangerous anti environment activities like c02 emissions
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    In my opinion one of the vital things is Rain Forest depletion.

    In the UK one way of reducing electricity consumption is for England and Scotland to be on different time zones. This way England would save a considerable sum by having longer day time sunshine than our Northerly neighbours.
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    Hand on heart I have never depleted the rain forest. I don't even deplete the garden.

    Any idea how you are going to get longer day time sunshine by changing a clock setting? I was under the impression the position of the place, the season and the sun had an impact on how long day time was, not the clock changing.

    If you want longer day time sunshine in Britain try the Shetland Islands.
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    Ah that old chestnut.
    One way to get rid of the cow species I suppose. Still, frees up a load more land to build houses and roads on.
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    I'm happy that I don't contribute to global warming, I'm working in IT ;)
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    Firstly in Brazil an area the size of Wales has been cut down annually for two decades causing havoc with the climate.

    Secondly with sunshine the difference in longitude between Scotland and England is why it makes sense to have a time difference as England would get much more sunshine hours annually. England would then be on CET.
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    Should you not take that up with the Brazilian government about a small area being cut down annually? We still have a rainforest last I looked so maybe they could help you save it.
    Buy the land even.

    The difference in Longitude between Scotland and England is what? an inch?
    Even difference between Edinburgh and London
    21.51 and 21.11 is what? 40 minutes.
    04.32 and 04.47 for sunrise is what? 15 minutes.
    So you want to change clocks by what sort of time? Lots of people don't live in those cities. Is the time in Carlise and time in Gretna any better?

    For time take the change up with the two governments concerned. I'm sure the Scots could have a fun couple of decades arguing about what time to use. Gretna, Lerwick or somewhere in between.

    Using different time zones for such a tiny grouping of islands can come across as a bit daft. You don't gain more time, best you can do is move sunrise and sunset to different times.
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    Well you have 4 time zones in the US according to colleagues I have worked with out there.

    The Brazil question is an interesting one as they are a modern nation with a lot of poverty and on the flip-side we have ancient tribes living under threat in the rain forests. Perhaps the West should put forces on the ground to stop unscrupulous elopement in the forests and pay Brazil for this land (sovereignty?). Perhaps the flip-side would be the West could patent things they find in the forest like herbs etc yet to be discovered. Probably will never happen yet re my point with the trees is that why we grow more in Europe now?
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    A quick reminder: global warning is merely one aspect of the complex issues threatening our habitat. It's much bigger than that.
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    Not in the mood to stop global warming at the moment, kettle is on for a nice cup of tea.
    Steam is a major greenhouse gas.
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