How we can stop global warming

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    You could always try solar power, the sun makes enough energy in a few hours to power the world in addition use LED energy saving lighting.
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    Solar energy! That could be a real breakthrough! Why has no one thought of that before? (Or even mentioned it on the previous page?)

    Unless of course you are talking about singing to power the world? Do-Re-Me-So-Lar-Ti-dah.
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    I study volcanoes as a hobby and I think given the cataclysmic eruptions that periodically happen man made warming or climate change as it became known (when the ice caps increased in mass) has not got a patch on the eruptions that will take care of us long before your 4x4 does.

    Anak Krakatau the child of Krakatoa is growing at over 10 feet a year and the history of that spot has produced at least 2 world changing eruptions in the past 1500 years, dropping temps by over 20c instantly

    Tambura, less than 200 years ago changed the global climate dramatically causing snow in summer in new york

    Yellowstone, when it pops *not if, will put most of the USA into starvation

    Driving a 5.0 4x4, will annoy the environmentalists but there are events outwith our control that have far more power and WILL change the planet in a single day, these events have always happened (Yellowstone has had 50 eruptions as seen by plate movments) the rate at Anak is growing I would bet that it will erupt massively again changing the global climate within the next 100 to 500 years, long before your 4x4 has killed the ice caps (which is as we know a lot more plentiful than it was a decade ago)

    OK i just do not like your big car

    YUP.. i have a v8 and v6 and no one is taking them.. power!!!
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    Do your friends call you Spock?:)
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    It's been said many times but Make saving the planet profitable and mankind will no doubt achieve it. What profitable businesses do we have so far that are truly making a dent in the problem?.........
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    Just seen this:

    Climate change has achieved what Bob Geldof and Live Aid failed to do by ending the drought in the Sahel region of Africa that killed more than 100,000 people in the 1980s, a study has found. Rising greenhouse gases caused rains to return to the region south of the Sahara, from Senegal to Sudan, boosting crop yields since the 1990s and helping the population to feed itself without relying on foreign donations. The study, in the journal Nature Climate Change, found that Sahel summer rainfall was about 10 per cent, or 0.3mm, higher per day in 1996-2011 than in the drought period of 1964-93.

    Quoted from the Global Warming Policy Foundation website
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    alots need to be done on this . this should be global and reneral issue
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    -Harness the power of the sun and keep installing solar PV.
    -The development of electric cars and more environmentally friendly ways to travel are also essential.

    Just to name a couple.
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    Because I am in my 60s, I have been subjected to these asinine scare stories on a regular basis. When you are young and impressionable, you tend to believe them and regard older people like me, who just yawn an ignore the whole thing, as deluded fools.

    We had peak-coal, followed by peak-oil, followed by 'Limits to Growth' and I swallowed all that junk. I read 'Limits to Growth' back in the 60s and wondered what the hell we were going to do in 20 years time, when the oil, copper, gold, silver, magnesium etc., etc., all runs out.

    Humanity likes to scare itself. Remember the idiotic Millennium Bug? Refrigerators will stop working and plans will fall out of the sky! And did they? Did Windows stop working? Did OS8 or 9 freeze? Did anything happen - well, yes. A lot of cynical IT people made a Buck or two!

    This rubbish has been going on ever since mankind looked at the Sun and wondered what it was and if it would ever stop appearing in the sky.

    Then some rather unpleasant people decided to replace the Sun with a bearded man in the sky and they even tortured and killed people who disagreed with them. If enough people did not pay homage (and of course money) to that bearded man in the sky, the World would end.

    All this 'The World will End' is big business. The new bearded man in the sky is CO2. Is it more important than water vapour, methane or particulates? No, but we MUST reduce CO2, no matter what. It is the new millennium bug.

    And like the moronic millennium bug, the various self-appointed guardians of this particular bearded man in the sky will inevitably say "Phew, that was a close thing! It's a good job we were here to warn you!"

    As Beasty points out, there are far more important things to worry about. One decent eruption and we can forget Summer (and crops!) for a few years. But nobody can make money out of that one, so nobody bothers with it! Just remember what happened to a rich and fertile land of Dogger - possibly the birthplace of the Indo-Germanic languages, including English. One single tsunami turned Dogger into Dogger Bank.

    If you want to know why the planet has been getting warmer, but stopped getting warmer 15 years ago, look up the words 'Milankovitch Cycles' in Wikipedia. When you've read and understood that lot, come back and discuss the issue properly.
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    "Global warming" is simply the effect. We all know what the cause is...
    Ps: The Byre, you nailed it here. I would not say it's the Milankovich cycles alone, since there are other factors that DO have a role in changing things to bad, but in general I do feel almost the same here.
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    A good place to start is the amount of energy we are using. The EU Energy Efficiency Directive will place energy saving requirements on EU countries' buildings - including making central government buildings more energy efficient and less wasteful.
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    With obligatory plug at the end?
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    I think it's crazy to say global warming isn't an issue, millions of people are displaced from farm lands in African countries through drought caused by global warming but more often than not all the blame is thrown onto civil unrest. I think many people choose to ignore global warming because to accept it we all have to accept a certain amount of blame for every refugee displaced from environmental causes and it's much easier for the majority of people to follow a consumerist lifestyle and grumble about immigrants taking what's 'theirs'.

    Also I read a comment asking why CO2 is the only gas that matters, it isn't, methane from the beef and dairy industry contributes hugely, people have a more meat intense diet now than ever before.

    I think businesses should be tackling the issue head on, there's plenty of grants for green energy. Landfill is taxed heavily whereas recycling isn't, businesses produce plenty of waste so I reckon that's a good starting point. Not really sure where this idea of all these extra taxes comes from (my last rates bill told me that 2% went on environmental resources, the same amount given to the office of the first minister). I think it's key to not be scared of change, that's what it'll ultimately take, lots of changes in the way we live.
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    That's in the "It stands to reason . . . " category. I'll explain -

    I'm an economist and the workings of economic systems are extremely complex and few are properly understood. We can sort of get the broad brushstrokes, but calculating precise outcomes is (at present) impossible.

    The same applies to many things that mankind only partially understands. The causes of cancer springs to mind. Climate is another. Cancer of the lung in one person has a different cause and a different genetic make-up to lung cancer in another. Every economist that works for a supermarket chain knows that the elasticity of demand will vary for a single product from shop to shop - raise the price of sausages in a poor town and sales may halve; raise the price in a rich town and sales may only dip slightly.

    BUT Raise the price of sausages in one rich town and you may get a 20% drop in sales numbers, raise the price in another town that is equally as rich and you will almost always get a completely different result. It is not unknown for sales to increase (the so-called 'snob-effect').

    Our weather is driven almost entirely by the Northern jet stream - if it is North of us, we get warm weather, if it is South of us, we get cold weather and as it crosses over, it nearly always rains. As it is flipping back and forth, it rains a lot in the UK! Yet the effect of the various jet streams has only been taken into full account in the past five or so years. Prior to that, even the Met Office assumed it could issue long-range weather forecasts, about half of which were wrong - the same as if you just guessed!

    Prior to that, exact models of our weather patterns were made in the 60s and when meteorologists found that in those instances where across Europe we had the exact same weather maps as in some period early, there was a tendency for the weather to turn out the same for a while. So rather bravely, the Met Office started issuing 30-day weather forecasts.

    Some were dead right, but about half were completely wrong - the same as if you'd guessed!

    I remember the BBC weather man back in the 60s saying "If you have the same weather map, it stands to reason that you will have the same weather!"

    Nothing could have been further from the truth! To predict the weather, you would need to have a complete map of every jet stream across Planet Earth, together with all minor turbulences, temperatures and deviations - and we do not have that even today!

    Climate change is rather like the eruption of a volcano - the slow build up of pressures leads to sudden change - we know it will happen, we just can't tell you exactly when and by how much.

    The Planet has been warming up, just as Milankovitch predicted, but the question now is (as the old song goes) "Where do we go from here?"

    The Jurassic era came to an end when Pangaea broke up and a stable climate, 17 degrees warmer than today, plummeted into a series of ice-ages, triggered by a giant comet - but that fall was inevitable.

    There is a massive store of methane gas in the Northern hemisphere that was trapped there since the last Ice Age. As the Planet warms up, its release could bring about a new post-ice-age era of stable temperatures far higher than the ones we have today, probably combined with a far wetter climate - which in turn could lead to far more extreme weather events, such as hurricanes.

    Greater wetness would also lead to more violent changes in air pressures, which could trigger other events, such as earthquakes.

    Or as I tell those new to the science of economics - I can predict anything and everything - except the future. Nobody can predict that!
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    To help you Weather is not the same as Climate.
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    I never claimed it was - only a fool would muddle the two.

    I merely mentioned the jet-streams to illustrate how little we know about weather and climate systems and how the very things that drive our weather systems were completely ignored until very recently.

    They were discovered by a Japanese bloke called (I think!) Oshi (or something very similar) back in the 20s, but he wrote up his findings in Esperanto - so nobody read them!

    I lesson for us all there - he should have used Twitter!
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    "Global warming" is directly relative to a particular time in history that has been chosen
    to compare the temperatures.

    Temperature Then ..... Temperature Now.

    Back in the 1680 - 1750's the Thames in London froze over every year.
    There were fairs and skating held on the frozen river.

    And so of course we are now in a period of relative ( local ) global warming.

    Back a little bit earlier, the Thames area was a massive tropical forest sweltering swamp.

    And so of course we are now in a period of relative ( local ) global cooling

    The scaremongering about global warming is Government driven BS to
    justify raising money by taxing everything that relates to "save the planet"

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    I forgot completely to mention the HUGE scare stories in the press and broadcasters in 1965-66 about


    Scientists all over the World were able to prove that the World was freezing over and we were rapidly heading for another ice age, because of the six-month freeze that the whole of Europe went through in 1962-3.

    Mankind just LOVES them Armageddon scare stories - that's Armageddon bored with these silly scare stories that melt away with the certainty of the melting of the snows of Winter.
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    You have to ask yourself who is being mugged off here ? China are being paid for the next 30 years to build us a nuclear power station. While at the same time in China they plan to build another 400 coal fired power stations. Having already under priced the world and using coal to help them do it.

    Thatcher flooded 400 years worth of coal making it uneconomical to now recover. Our current lot of idiots see franking out gas as the answer to our future energy needs which as dirty.

    So I ask you again ! WHO HAS BEEN MUGGED OFF HERE ?
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