How to present my business to potential clients?

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    Hi everybody, and thank you for the time spent to read my post.
    I'm owner to a small transport company, with 2 vans and I have a permanent contract with a Italian company to transport them goods to UK, 2 runs every week in few location from UK: Maidstone, Birmingham, Manchester and Hull. Everything is okay, I'm happy with them, they are happy with me.
    Usually, for the return trip to Italy I use the online site to find loads, but that is a "hunting", sometimes lucky, sometimes not.
    Without friends and known people in UK and with a not amazing skill of English speak is very difficulty for me to find a regular client for the return run.
    I already have a list with potential clients but I'm afraid to contact them as due to the cultural difference I don't have idea how I must to present my offer to not looks like a desperate that coming at his gates.
    So, please help me to make an idea how I must to present my business (preferably via email for first time as I save a lot of time and mileage) to the potential clients.

    P.S.: Please excuse me for the eventually "wrong expression" but the English is not my native langue.
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    Hi, I usually try to reach a manager or a person who is a charge of the issue I need, and then I send a presentation or portfolio. I think you should not be afraid of any so called "cold calling". Practice makes perfect
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    Haulage Exchange, Returnloads, anyvan, so many options - they are all hunt-em out and bid type sites BUT this is where the money is made.
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    thank you for your reply but I try Any**v, Shi**y end few more but I considering that a waste of time. The response rate is low of 5%, so you put 100 bid or question about delivery and only 5% come back to his listing, from that 5% is starting the competition to best price, is exactly that I say before, "sometime lucky..." . to put that 100 quotes must to spend lot of time online and the earning not justify all that time. More, many time I do not understand how another transporters can lower the price to ridiculous!
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    Thank you for your reply!
    As per Wikipedia: Cold calling is generally referred to as an over-the-phone process.
    Is exactly what I try to avoid as many time is hard for me to have a conversation over the phone due to different English dialects, much hard to understand versus a face to face conversation.
    My idea is to send an email with a summary description of my offer to , let say to 10 companies and to contact after the people that show interested by my offer, to fix a meeting and to present my full offer then.
    I wonder if this is a good practice in UK or is considered as a spam email? Also if is okay this how should look that " summary offer"?
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    Try contacting as many UK Freight Forwarders ( as you can and offer your services to them. FF is traditionally a non asset based business with even the larger FF outsourcing their transport. Drill down further and try to find those FF's who have regular business to/from Italy
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    Try to understand customer’s needs. That’s the key to cultural references that you need to make productive offer. Also you can try to order or create newsletters of your business - so you don’t have to tell lots of words.
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