How to NOT take on somebody?

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    Many years ago when I did quite a few interviews I wrote relatively detailed explanations to people who had failed to get the job on one occasion. I got two letters. One from someone complaining about me doing this, the other from someone who was pleased to be told the reasons so they could adjust what they did in the future.

    In the end best probably not to give reasons for rejecting people. Best not to reject people for protected characteristics, but being a PITA is not a protected characteristic.
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    I’d take this post down for a start, you’re easily identifiable and you never know who’s reading what!
    Posted: May 14, 2021 By: Uke Member since: Feb 5, 2021
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    Very true!
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    "This role is paying a quarter of your usual rate, for longer hours than usual, with payment terms of six months"

    Would that work? ;)
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    I think that's risky. Assuming the above is not true and is used only to get rid of an unwanted candidate that could take you to court for discrimination, if said candidate happens to know the person who is eventually hired and they talk, she would have grounds for a case.
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    It really doesn't have to be difficult. As @Newchodge said, the truth will do.
    You don't need to play childish games with spam filters and all that rubbish, just grow a pair and tell her you don't want to work with her.
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