how to increase brand awareness/sales of ladies fashion

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  1. crackerjackcommerce

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    Hi, does anyone know the current best platforms to be on for increasing exposure of ladies fashion?

    The target demographic is female age 30-60.

    I was thinking facebook, instagram, blog.

    I am hoping that someone with more experience could point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Mr D

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    Which platforms do your intended customers use most?
    Which platforms are your competitors using?
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  3. AllUpHere

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    You need to tighten up your targeting. Women 30 to 60 isn't a demographic,
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  4. Chris Ashdown

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    The age gap is far to large no thirty year old has anything in common with a 50-60 year old

    Unfortunately there is no low cost method of selling ladies clothing, you can bring your brand to their attention by Social Media which may in time result in a few sales, you really need to look at other advertising avenues or local shops and build up a name

    If you sell online make sure you understand the consumer act and old distant selling regs, with ladies clothing you can expect a minimum of 10% returns often far higher, and lots will be worn once and then returned of come back with makeup around the collar area, a very hard way to make a profit

    You can write a story about who, what and where you are and send it to magazine publishers especially local monthly magazines and hope they find it interesting to publish a good luck story for free, but you must write the story and make it interesting with maybe some images, The less they have to do the higher the chance they will use it
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  5. fisicx

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    TV adverts on the lifestyle channels seems to be popular.

    Or lifestyle magazines.

    What makes your brand any different to the dozens they can already buy from? Do you have B&M, franchises in major stores, online shopping and a vibrant social presence?

    And as already said, women 30-60 is a huge grouping. Even women 30-40 is far too big. What lifestyle are you targeting?
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    Thanks for the replies, that does help me out and I have done the useful ratings.

    It is a small independent boutique located in a High Street store, does ok and has a good reputation/feedback from customers but wants to expand and looking at using the internet for advertising on a regular basis to encourage foot traffic to the boutique and possibly sell online.

    I was thinking about starting regular and structured social media activity, google posts and ads targeting a certain demographic per campaign in the local area. Basically to let local people know what we have and when i.e. mailing list/notifications etc
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  7. Mr D

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    So local social media for the store and perhaps go where customers are for online.
    Marketing can take considerable time and money, or you can start with ebay & amazon for example - places already having millions of customers some of whom will be in your target market.

    Don't discount local offline media - free papers, local papers, town or village event programs within your catchment area.

    Online selling as fisicx says you will have returns. Which of course get a full refund including initial postage so you get to absorb that. Plus there's customers who don't receive items, full refund of course and if you are lucky you can get to see them wear the item in a facebook post!
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  8. fisicx

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    So the question is: what does your brand represent?

    When people hear the name what do they think? Do they consider it a place to get fashion for middle aged housewives? It it a place to get safe comfortable clothes? Would a youngish lady want to go there to find something for a party?
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  9. WebshopMechanic

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    Hi @crackerjackcommerce

    As the others guys have quite rightly said, you need a target customer (also called an avatar) and a unique selling point (a.k.a why people should give a toss about your brand).

    You need to know who exactly your customer is.

    • Who they are?
    • Where they live?
    • Where they hang out? (online and offline)
    • What other brands they like
    • What makes them tick?
    • Why do they need your product?
    • Why should they listen to your brand?
    • What motivates them to buy your product?
    • What is important to them (i.e beliefs and trends)
    • What they want to read about

    All this information should be gathered from talking to people who are in your target audience, not guesswork on what you think is correct.

    Without 'real world' research you are peeing in the wind and you will waste money.

    Once you have that information, you can carve out a strategy to create brand awareness, get them attention and start the conversation.

    Online sales is far more complex these days so don't expect sales over night. You need to capture people's attention, get them on your email list and then build a relationship with them.

    This may take 2 weeks. This may take 9 months. This may take 2 years.

    Regardless, you must continue to add value to prove you are a company worth listening to. If you bombard them with constant offers (like many online stores) they will switch off and you will lost them.

    Loyalty is built out of being a part of their life. Yes, it sounds a bit like 'fluffy marketing BS' but it's true. You need to take a long-term approach.

    You are not just selling a product. You are building a brand that has some sort of longevity.

    So, if you are the 30-35 yr olds them you should be in a position to build a relationship and evolve with them.

    You will probably get more 30-35 yr olds on Facebook than 50-60 year olds. So Facebook could be a good way to go but it will take time and budget. You don't just advertise and people buy. You create awareness and then run remarking campaigns and email campaigns to your audience until they buy.

    You can also use Facebook to:
    • Find look-a-likes of your site visitors
    • Upload your email list and find look-a-likes of those
    • Find look-a-likes of people who liked your page
    • Find look-a-likes of the people who purchased
    Facebook ads are a good channel but fashion is a tough nut to crack due to the level of competition. That is why you need a unique / clever angle which sparks their inspirations.

    Whatever happens, you need to find a way to get people on your email list. Once they are on there, you own the relationship and it's pretty-much free to contact them.

    Social media is expensive, you don't own it and the goal posts are always changing.

    My advice is to use your brand campaigns together people to sign up to something.

    I hope that helps.

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  10. crackerjackcommerce

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    They get a refund and keep the "missing" item grrrr.
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  11. wayzgoose

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    Hit Facebook with the aim of getting a huge local community and perhaps spread the area a little. Get them involved, keep it regular with new stock, offers etc and then forget about selling online.
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