How to find a sourcing agent in China?

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    There are big teas wholesale markets in Guangzhou and I also have friends selling teas. Sometimes I also go there to taste tea. I can help you with that.
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    1. You can go to kiwikiwifly, seoclerks, peopleperhour and buy the China sourcing services with platform escrow transaction.

    you will find lots of freelancers from china offer products sourcing services online. You can buy their services with these platform escrow feature. It is secure for your online transaction and save you lots of time. And you must find a china agent to buy these items from china, because credit card are not secure, most suppliers from china always use T/T, alipay escrow transaction.

    2. Finding sourcing agent in China through friends or youtube.

    If you have friends who are imported from China, you can introduce a Chinese agent to you through your friends. This will make you more reliable and trustworthy. Some reliable china agent can record the videos and upload their services to youtube. And they will leave their whatsapp and email address. You know these china sourcing agents have the vpn to access the youtube and facebook. so that you will get more convenient talk with them.

    3. Hire the China procurement agent by third-party escrow transaction.

    If you find the suitable China procurement assistant, don't give the money first, only use the third-party escrow transaction. Like upwork escrow, kiwikiwifly escrow, peopleperhour escrow. that's means you can recevie the good result and china sourcing services with the third-party escrow transaction. The China procurement assistant will do his best to address your product sourcing issues in China. If they cannot offer the good China sourcing services, You will get your money back and they will lost the scores on these platforms.
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    The first places to start are the B2B platforms for doing business with China. Actually, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council is also a good source. Many Hong Kong companies are sourcing for Western Countries in China. Many are both manufactures and sourcing agents. You can check the website of the Council.
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    I think you can just Google‘China sourcing agent or supply chain company’. But tea is kind of special....Tea has an extremely large variety and various qualities. Prices are also very different.
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    You can try searching on any B2B Portals, specifically, where you can find the right party to source the tea exporter.

    You can use Letter of Credit, as a payment term for your tea imports from China. In this way, you no need to pay any cash in advance & can make the payment through DLC MT700, once the goods are shipped to your destination port.
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