How to do accounts?

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    I have my wife currently doing the account's on sage, using sage payments and updating an internal MIS system so I can keep an eye week to week etc - she works with the chartered accountants we use who checks her work quarterly which has got very good over the years and they do the wages for us that get sent to them via our clocking in system and come straight out of our bank

    My issue is she was never suppose to do this more than a day a week and now its turned into a 2/3 day job, we have looked at employing someone but my worry is if there away or sick / leave and my wife gets out of touch with it then payments still need to be made?

    What do you guys suggest as its really a big trusted job as well?
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    Can you not use a book keeping company, one that has more than one employee? Many accounting firms provide book keeping services?
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    It would depend on your turn over / profits . If your only turning over 25K then it would make sense to do the books yourself
    If it is over 100K then you seriously need to get some help in .
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    Why not look at a job share with your wife and a bookkeeper?
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