How to approach suppliers who marked up their prices by 200%?!!

Discussion in 'International Business' started by Fred Mallah, Aug 12, 2020.

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    Very unlikely it happens in my life. Is the supplier only source of your products? If there are alternative suppliers, you can get samples to compare and see what's the difference, and try to understand why the supplier quotes that high.
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    On alibaba it's frustrating to see guide prices that are meaningless. Ive found it works to show them Chinese companies selling on eBay. They quote a price, you say it's too high they go down a little, but when you show them, in my case, a Chinese supplier selling direct on eBay for £220, their 230 lowest price goes down to 190. I tell them I need to sell at 205 to work so I cannot pay more than 165, they then offer 170 and were done and as a uk immediate supplier, they sell at 229. To only thing I have discovered is that shipping has really gone up. The ems shipping has slowed down dreadfully, DHL seems cheapest at the moment but is stupidly priced on heavier items. The alibaba time delay for delivery has gone up to silly lengths now and yesterday I had one close because I didn't extend it when in truth I forgot it hadn't come. It's nearly here, it seems. God knows where it was since it was collected from the factory 3 weeks ago. Be polite. Stick to your guns, say sorry you can't do business. Then you will either be offered a better price, or not.

    What really annoys me is where you ask for a price on a specific product and Alibaba send it to others who quote for totally different products!
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    Afraid Barter is the name of the game for the majority of the world apart from Europe or rather the EU, They qupye a high price you come in at a far lower price and after some negotiating to arrive at a compromise, which normally means you still end up paying far more than a local would

    If you are close and then walk away they will always call you back with a new offer and maybe a sob story

    Much greater fun than just accept a selling price with no barter
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    Don't get to hung up on one supplier on Alibaba.

    It took me about 6 weeks to convince a manufacturer to send me the first batch of stock for free, shipped directly to Amazon.

    After it sold out - I paid them.

    The conversation went from me chasing them to them chasing me.

    We negotiated and ended up at a per unit price that they originally stated would only be available for an MOQ of 1000 units.
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