How to advertise an E-commerce website

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    Sounds like a business where social media and influencer marketing could get you far. Instagram tends to work best for building a community, but TikTok is really worth looking into as well, since it's rapidly growing and has a lot of untapped potential
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    Online marketing is easy & at the same time the hardest of all. When it comes to a new website there are many obstacles. However, if you do some right approach it will be easy.

    Now, what you should do at the beginning?

    1. If you have already built an eCommerce site then my suggestion is optimized for SEO. If you can't do it then hire an expert or take an online SEO service. There are many SEO learning sites out there, including mine. You can read and implement, nothing is rocket science here.
    2. As you said it is a boutique eCommerce site then you have a great opportunity to get massive traffic from social media like Facebook & Instagram. Don't bother for twitter. If you can make a video then YouTube can be another option.
    3. If you do not have a money problem, then use Google advertisement. But don't use the Display ad, because I have a bad experience with it. Use Facebook & Instagram ads after you create a business page.
    This is just the beginning. I said only the basic things for you to get started. Hope it helps.
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    Hi, I have found a blog that I believe will help you. The blog is about getting your business noticed without spending a penny. To summarise the blog here are a few helpful tips:

    Get your business on social media! You may not be a fan of social media but for your business you will be. Social media is the largest platform for word of mouth advertising. People love to share things they love with friends and family, so make sure you are on there and interacting with potential customers.

    Hashtag the life out of it! If you are using twitter or Instagram (especially Instagram) make sure you are using hashtags. This allows your customers to be able to find you using keywords in hashtag form. Separate the hashtags from the content itself with a row or two and then go to town on it! The more hashtags you use the more likely you are to be found.

    Collaborate with other businesses. So few people take advantage of this, and that just sounds bonkers to us! If you have a fancy product, why not work with a packaging company and talk about it in a blog that can be shared online. Or perhaps a local farm food store if you product is food related. Everyone loves free exposure, if you write about them working with you, they will share it too, and their customers will then discover you through the blog you wrote about them!

    I hope this helps :)
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    There are several ways through which you can promote your website and get more traffic. The best ones are to get active on social media, Email Marketing, high quality dedicated landing pages to convert the targeted audience, and the most important is SEO.
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    Why do you keep posting twaddle? It’s meaningless and inaccurate.
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