How much does an E-commerce website cost

Discussion in 'IT & Internet' started by Tangerine, May 15, 2009.

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  1. bdw

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    We include initial telephone training and support and by choice we do not normally host our client's websites. We advise them on hosting and domain name registration so that they are in full control of this for the future.
    Posted: May 23, 2009 By: bdw Member since: Aug 13, 2008
  2. Tangerine

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    Does anyone know anything about Venda for small business? Is it good?
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    Posted: May 28, 2009 By: Tangerine Member since: Nov 1, 2008
  3. florenceij

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    They seem good based on what I could see while looking at their website and services. They have a nice portfolio and reference. Have a chat with them and see what support is available to you on an ongoing basis and any additional cost. I know there are guys that offer a similar service in this forum.

    It might be good to also weigh the benefit of this route versus having your own custom e-commerce website. There are some webdesign agencies that are happy to accept monthly fee plus a set up fee and in return you own full rights to the website after completing the payment terms.
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  4. strikingedge

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    I only know Venda from the people who have used them and then stopped using them - but none for a year or so.

    Overpriced is the complaint I heard most often.

    Quentin Griffiths (co-founder of ASOS) set up EBTM on Venda...they then dumped them for another provider....and have now subsequently closed. Looking at their client list...they don't have any real ecommerce stars.

    These types of corporate SAAS providers tend to be for companies with very deep pockets and limited in-house expertise of ecommerce - basically a souped up version of Mr Site.

    If you're in the above boat, then you may well get more bang for your bucks from BT Fresca, Demandware or ATG.

    There's a Forrester report on these big players available on the ATG website:
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  5. DesignsOnline

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  6. Tangerine

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    Posted: Jun 12, 2009 By: Tangerine Member since: Nov 1, 2008
  7. strikingedge

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    Yes....we use them and are currently leaving them.

    They are absolutely fine if you don't have a clue about ecommerce or websites - and they are pretty cheap.

    Their new ecommerce platform is a heavily modified OSCommerce variant.

    The nice thing about them is that support costs about £20 a month.

    The bad is that if your site goes down on a Friday, you have no opportunity to get it up yourself (no control panel access) and they won't sort it till Monday.

    The £3K set-up charge is quite high...and they are fairly keen to get new people on board, so don't pay more than £2K all in - including design.

    If you need a simple site then these guys aren't bad. If you are sophisticated in your needs and demands, then they may not be right for you.
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  8. edmondscommerce

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    man you could get an osC site done for £2k then host it with a hosting company directly for £20 a month

    you would have FTP and phpMyAdmin access, 24 hour phone support for server issues

    the possibility to bring in outside designers / developers for bigger customisations

    and you are in total control of everything and can control your destiny completely (and all for the same cash!)
    Posted: Jun 12, 2009 By: edmondscommerce Member since: Nov 11, 2008
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