How effective is leaflet distribution?

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    We helped with a local leaflet campaign 2 years ago, target market was families on budgets, defining the market was key. Leflets through the right areas of town only, if you see toys and bikes, it's a family, grab rails next to doors avoid.

    Knowing your market is key.
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    The trouble with most leafleting campaigns is that they are one off affairs. Companies that do well at leaflet marketing tend to use them more as a branded campaign, along with other regular marketing. This way they become part of an overall brand awareness campaign reinforcing a brand message, memorable offer etc.

    When run as an occasional, or one off door drop, the likelihood of lots of people actually getting in touch are slim. The odds of getting much return are quite low, as the customer has to: -
    1. Need the product/service now/soon
    2. See the flyer before someone else in the household bins it
    3. Be ready to buy
    4. Not mislay it if they do keep it to look at later
    5. Go to your website or contact you (potentially without doing any research online)
    6. You have to stock & be reasonably competitive on the type of blind they want
    You need to ask yourself why you want to do door drop flyer marketing; are you aiming at an older demographic that does not go online to look for blinds, can you cover a big enough local area to get a decent return, as unless you do it yourself it's a very scatter gun form of advertising.

    As some other posters have said, getting a good website that promotes your business & key points of difference/services, then making sure that is visible in your local area is more important.

    Setting up Google My Business, understanding your customer base & what they look for, getting some Google reviews, creating content & services to target both of these will allow you to always be visible to your customers. Rather than a fleeting chance with flyers that may get a very low return even when they first go out.
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    As has been eluded to by others, the effectiveness of leaflet distribution is relative to how you do it. It's like going a gym and asking the gym instructor, 'will I lose weight?'. There are a number of factors, which will determine whether or not joining the gym will help you lose weight, in the same way a number of factors determine success from leaflet distribution. We have a number of clients in your industry, some who do very well, and some who quit after one tiny distribution. Top tips: 1. Make your design show your benefits, not your services. 2. Make the design trackable (Free...with this flyer). 3. Target appropriate demographic. 4. Repeat to the same people at least 3 times (barely anyone responds to something on first view). 5. If the price quoted by the distribution company sounds too good to be true, it likely is!
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