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Discussion in 'Employment & HR' started by Paul FilmMaker, Jul 5, 2021.

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    So I'm returning from 6 months out (hospitalised due to Covid) and getting back into the saddle. The video production business is picking up tremendously although I'd probably say that has something to do with not being in a hospital!

    Now I'm thinking about hiring someone as a 'first hire' in Kosovo next year. I have some experience of hiring employees in my previous business but my issue is bizarrely that everyone I hired was fantastic. One of my customers nicknamed my worst hire 'Del Boy' because she was a bit too close to Derek Trotter for comfort and we had a few laughs at her expense but she still did a good job. So I have no idea what can potentially go wrong as the last 4 people (in my previous business) were all outstanding.

    So that being said, I'm thinking of making my first hire in Kosovo. I want to focus on a marketing person (with a touch of sales) and put them in an office shared with another business which has some kind of infrastructure and most importantly, a couple of other people working there. Having worked 'solo' before, I see 'loneliness' as a major issue and it's great to have infrastructure and some kind of resource on the ground.

    Otherwise, what do you suggest I think about? What's important? What do I need to think about? And Kosovo because it's cheap!
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    You need to understand Kosovo employment, tax and social security laws. You need to understand whether you will have to have a 'tax entity' in the country as you will be genrating income from there.
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    You're in luck @Paul FilmMaker

    The State Portal of the Republic of Kosovo has a website which is mobile friendly and contains extensive information in English about finance, tax and employment

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  4. Paul FilmMaker

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    I'm tempted to pay a company to take this all on. I have a strong relationship with a company out there.
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    As you rightly say it may be more beneficial both in time and your stress levels to pay someone to take this on for you. They will be better based to deal with things first-hand for you. You need to come up with a strong brief for them to follow and engage regularly with them to make sure you all understand what is required.

    Are there recruitment agencies who can take this on for you? Or have you thought of using a Virtual Assistant based in Kosovo who has local knowledge and can do a lot of the legwork/research for you?

    Good luck whatever you decide.
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    I'm probably flying out in September so will check it out then. I'm looking at using an outsourcing firm on the ground.
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