Help with ISO9001?

Discussion in 'London & South East' started by tempus fugit, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. tempus fugit

    tempus fugit UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    Any of you South Eastern folk know of anyone that you would recommend to assist a small business gain ISO9001 accreditation?
    (Not my own business, but another in deepest, darkest, Dover)

    They're an electrical contractor (NICEIC/ECA), but now need ISO9001 to progress to FSA accreditation for Fire systems.

    Anybody gained ISO9001 without the help of a consultant?

    Any useful tips & tools?

    And, of course, there is also then the choice of which Certification Body to select - anybody had good/bad experiences?

    Ballpark overall cost?

    And an idea of how many months it might take?
    Posted: Aug 15, 2008 By: tempus fugit Member since: Feb 12, 2008
  2. bobterry

    bobterry UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    We gained our ISO9001:2000 certificate with a company called CERTIFIED QUALITY SYSTEMS. The came in and did the entire package for, produce manuals etc. The overall cost was about £1800.00 + VAT. Would recommend them to anyone as they made the entire process so easy and gained us our certificate in less than 30 days.
    Posted: Aug 15, 2008 By: bobterry Member since: Jul 24, 2008
  3. tempus fugit

    tempus fugit UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    Bob, Many thanks for that and I will pass the details on.

    But, here comes the but, they are not a UKAS accredited Certification Body, and the company that I used to work for was made to do it all again with UKAS accreditation, in order to be allowed to compete for tenders for work with Kent County Council!!:eek:

    So, to anyone starting from fresh with ISO9001, I would recommend that they go the UKAS route from day one.
    Posted: Aug 15, 2008 By: tempus fugit Member since: Feb 12, 2008
  4. Faith28

    Faith28 UKBF Ace Full Member

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    What is ISO9001? And which industries does it apply to?
    Posted: Aug 21, 2008 By: Faith28 Member since: Dec 2, 2005
  5. BusinessDeli

    BusinessDeli UKBF Enthusiast Free Member

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    Faith28, It's the International Standards Organisations Quality standard, applicable to anyone seeking such certification. (Basically it sets requirements for managing the company to the standard in a process based manner). ALthough it CAN be applied to any industry, you will find that certain industries, eg automotive, have more specific and rigorous quality standards.
    Tempus, Pick up a copy of the standards (its actually a family of standards and has recently been updated to ISO9000:2008) from British Standards and take time to understand them. The standard does not dictate HOW you meet requirements, only that you do and can prove its done in a controlled manner. Then try to introduce the methodolgy of your management system by yourself (this will give you the best understanding). If you do use a consultant then be aware that they CANNOT certify the work they do, it must be independant. Assessors will have a pre-assesment visit to provide advice on where you need to improve before the actual assessment; after certification you must re-certify every year and be able to demonstrate continual improvement of the management system. Be aware of companies that offer to do the work and certify it.
    It can take as long as you want it to! But its worth taking the time and effort to fully understand the process.
    Posted: Sep 4, 2008 By: BusinessDeli Member since: Sep 2, 2008
  6. Faith28

    Faith28 UKBF Ace Full Member

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    Thank you Loofah for taking the time to explain the jist of it.

    It sounds as rigourous as the Investors in People Award.

    Is there a specific organisation you can suggest or one that overseas this?
    Posted: Sep 6, 2008 By: Faith28 Member since: Dec 2, 2005
  7. ISO9001

    ISO9001 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Dear All,

    My name is Vidya-Shankar Panchanathan.

    We're an SME that specialises in assisting SMEs achieve ISO9001 certification by The British Standards Insitution who are UKAS accredited.
    If we can be of assistance, please contact me here or via email or on the mobile 0777-888-1369. We work UK-wide and Internationally and cost-effectively. You can see Testimonials on our website Testimonials page.

    We look forward to hearing from you, even from the darkest of dark Devon !

    Yours sincerely,
    Posted: Sep 8, 2008 By: ISO9001 Member since: Sep 7, 2008
  8. BusinessDeli

    BusinessDeli UKBF Enthusiast Free Member

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    Faith28, to be honest there are just so many companies offering services in 'getting ISO9001' that you're spoilt for choice. I would strongly recommend attempting this for yourself; it's not too onerous and you'll pick up areas in your business that work well and those areas that could use a little tweaking to work better. Depending on the size of the organisation you may need very little documentation and there's no set requirement to have it in hardcopy so you could have it entirely hosted on the company intranet (if you have one!) as long as you can demonstrate control. Doing it this way also tends to show the whole organisation what's happening and why and its easier to achieve 'buy in' and embed a culture of assurance.
    If you're struggling then get in as local assistance as you can (check yellow pages, local trade and commerce etc) and get their view on it; I can't over emphasize the importance of having rapport with the consultant though, having that good relationship is essential if you go down this route.
    As an aside, the standard itself is not overly rigorous which is why other industries have developed their own versions... I tend to lean toward a good mix and use ISO if its, for example, a set requirement of a contract, and then I use other techniques such as learning organisation (see Peter Senge) and EFQM, and various tools as approriate (wont bore you with a long list!). Sorry for the long post!
    If you're near Derby then give RIQC a call.
    Posted: Sep 8, 2008 By: BusinessDeli Member since: Sep 2, 2008
  9. ISO9001

    ISO9001 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    We agree with Loofah.

    If you wish to do the exercise yourself, then it's fine. If you simply need pointers, we provide that also (from as little as £50/day for 'phone & email support and from as little as £300/day if you wish us to do all the work ourselves).

    However, if you do decide to take the Consultant route, Loofah's point about "a good business relationship & rapport with the Consultant" is absolutely essential for the success of the project.

    You're welcome to contact us, we're based in Stanmore Middlesex but travel UK-wide and Internationally. We work together with the client as QMS is really the client's baby and it should work for the client's business NOT for us or the certification body. The systems we set-up for SMEs are either as a PDF file or on their Intranet or both (the largest has been 51 pages with plenty of diagrams, the shortest has been 15 pages).

    Our systems are independently audited and certified ONLY by UKAS accredited certification bodies such as The British Standards Institution. There are plenty of testimonials on our website.
    Posted: Sep 8, 2008 By: ISO9001 Member since: Sep 7, 2008
  10. Chris H

    Chris H UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Out of interest do you know why KCC were specifying a requirement for a company setting up or advising on an ISO 9001 system?
    Posted: Sep 8, 2008 By: Chris H Member since: Oct 12, 2006
  11. TheBAB

    TheBAB UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    It's worth noting for all Government departments UKAS accreditation is mandatory if they are asking contractors to have ISO 9001.

    When it comes to implementing ISO 9001, i'd certainly agree with trying to do it yourself. Once you have a quality management system in place, that's when you should go for certification.

    To answer another question in the thread, the point of ISO 9001 is that it is a process standard. It is not industry specific, or dependant on size of organisation.
    Posted: Oct 18, 2010 By: TheBAB Member since: Oct 15, 2010
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