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    Hi there,

    I'm in the process of setting-up an online energy information service for small businesses and domestic energy customers. Instead of shutting myself in a cupboard for a year and then testing the service, I would like to start getting some early feedback even though it is not quite finished... energypriced(dot)com

    My background is in engineering with experience in the renewables and smart grid sector. I continue to provide advice and support to community groups and local businesses on a face to face basis but I'm venturing into the tricky world of websites and learning as I go along.

    Ideally I would like the back-bone of the service to offer a dedicated energy forum for switching tariffs, energy efficiency and renewable generation. I recently finished a short term energy efficiency contract in the north of Scotland which involved visiting almost 100 homes and businesses to analyse their energy usage and make recommendations on savings, so I am hoping that I can use this experience to help others online (and on UK Business Forums!)

    The website is still being tweaked and I'm trying to add additional content when I have spare time. I would be delighted to get some input from small business owners that face large energy bills or are considering energy efficiency improvements - what do you need to make informed decisions on energy tariffs, efficiency or onsite generation?

    I am hoping some revenue will be generated by helping businesses and households switch to a better energy tariff through partner sites and soon through a comparison service for energy efficient electrical goods and lighting.

    I hope to contribute to this community with some energy advice on tariffs, efficiency or local renewable generation.

    All the best.

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