Health & safety gone mad? The Top 5 Tie Safety Tips

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    WEARING a tie to work could kill hundreds of men each year – if you believe the health & safety scaremongers.

    It was reported in the media this morning that Bramhall High School in Stockport has banned pupils from wearing ties, because they could be too dangerous. Instead youngsters must go to school wearing a clip-on tie, or no tie at all.

    So Britain’s leading online tie retailer has issued its tongue in cheek Top 5 Tie Safety Tips:

    The site’s Gary Baker said: “Offices are dangerous enough places, with paper cuts and stapler injuries to contend with. We sell thousands of ties each year, so feel it is our duty to protect the men of Britain with this guide”.

    Tie Warehouse’s top 5 tie safety tips are:

    1) Don't wear a tie in strong winds: it might wrap around your neck and choke you!
    2) Don't hover near lift doors when they are closing: your tie might stay on the ground floor while you head for the third floor
    3) Tuck your tie in your trousers before eating lunchtime soup: you may end up with no lunch as your tie gets all the soup
    4) Avoid complicated tie knots: you might develop RSI
    5) Don't run if your tie is lower than your belt: you might trip over it

    Tie Warehouse was set up three years ago and now stocks more than 1,500 different types of ties and accessories.

    Gary added: “Having their employees look smart at work is important to many businesses. We’re here to help keep the injury count down!”


    · A Tie Warehouse spokesman is available for interview. Call 08452 303049. Or email [email protected]
    · Full press resources including images, logos and screenshots, are also available online at
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    Excellent! :D
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    Thanks for the great tips! :)
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    On a similar tie related subject, I always find it annoying when male staff are told to wear a tie for work yet female staff are still allowed to turn up in what ever they like!!

    I went to a gala dinner the other evening where the dress code was black tie/ lounge suit, every male looked identical but the women turned up in what ever they wanted.

    Why is dress code so one sided and old fashioned!
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    Thanks for the replies - glad you found the tips useful ;)

    It does seem a bit unfair, but women often say it's far more hassle for them because they have to choose an outfit for the occasion, and then hope it doesn't clash with someone else's! You also only have to look at movie premieres when the actresses are judged based on what they're wearing, whereas the men have it pretty easy in comparison. It does grind though when you have to wear a suit and tie to a function on a hot day, whereas women can wear pretty much whatever they want so they stay cool. So I suppose there are two ways of looking at it.
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    Plus those poor premiere-attending women have to go in outfits held together by safety pins and double-sided tape.

    I'm surprised we don't see more "wardrobe malfunctions" :D

    Nice article, btw!
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    fan flipping tastic release...
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    Thanks - Glad to be of service! ;)
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    Don't let H&S see this ... they'll be implementing new rules, just in case!!

    On the local news recently was a slot showing two people standing in a stream - all of a foot deep, wearing lifejackets! A bit extreme.

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    lol! Love it - the world has definitely gone H&S crazy!

    It'll be shoe laces next!
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    That wasn't the ITV Thames Valley news report on releasing Salmon back into the Thames a month or so ago was it? I remember seeing that - the reporter and guest stood in an incredibly shallow part of the Thames, where the water barely covered their feet, yet they were stood there with life jackets on. I remember thinking how useless the life jackets would be were they to "fall over"!

    Good old Health and Safety - I was at Farnborough Air Show last year as part of the displays and was told off for going up a ladder. The reason: "I hadn't received official training on use of the ladder"! I'm sorry, but there's not too many ways to go up a ladder! I had someone at the bottom providing support for me.

    It seems that there is no allowance for common sense anymore - you're deemed dangerous unless you've received training!
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    I know this may sound rather mad but I overheard a conversation the other day between two fathers of primary school kids.

    They were astonished that the school was now saying that for Health and Saftey reasons that all the children's ties will now be clip ons as they are more safe to use and less prone to peanuts.

    I couldn't believe it, all that over a school tie.
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    i am very sorry, but i could not agree with you more!

    i used to work in an office where frankly woman were dressed ss if they were on holiday. Hawian shirts, mini skirts, and flip flops!
    I sat in a meeting where these woman winged about blokes not wearing ties. Enough said, i let them have it with double barrels.
    Not least i think and feel that flip flops should be outlaws as against health and safety policy!
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    Well as a Health and Safety consultant i might have to recommend to the HSE that we might tie this up with some new legislation ;).
    Knot to be scoffed at this tie business especially if you combine it with the snowball issues at school, and lets not get into the conkers debate:eek:.

    On a serious note.
    I know that most of the information that we see in the media makes H&S look mad , but with some common sense and a little imagination we can all be a lot safer. I personally have seen business close and a large loss of jobs due to the management ignoring H&S issues, even after they have been told about it.
    The end choice is always ours, here is a question for you all:
    "Do you have to wear a seatbelt in a car" no matter what anyone says i am sure we have all seen someone without one on, and lets be honest even if it is a £20 fine and i might save your life, the choice is yours.

    Alan Harte

    Smart Safety Ltd
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    I think the debate could be a draw or maybe a ...............
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