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    Rewire Security, a UK based specialist in innovating cost-effective GPS tracking solutions, announced the release of its latest version GPSLive Mobile APP, with lots of newly added features, bug fixes, the new Push Notifications feature and an entirely new user interface.

    Accompanying this latest version app release, the company provided a snippet of how GPS tracking solutions help businesses in the UK to reduce expenses, increase fleet safety and effectively meet the demands of their customers.


    Business owners and individuals can now access location and other activity data about their vehicles, valuable assets or family members in real-time on their smartphones. In addition, the new app comes with the “Push Notifications” feature, once it is enabled your smartphone will display an instant alert whenever a pre-set vehicle event occurs. Vehicle events include; speeding, harsh cornering, fuel level and if a vehicle enters or leaves a prespecified geofence zone.

    The App provides real-time information such as vehicle speed, altitude, distance travelled, routes taken and vehicle location on any smartphone. It works in sync with a GPSLive or GPSLive Premium account to provide the precise location of vehicles or any other asset that has a GPS tracker installed.

    With the use of GPSLive mobile tracking APP, businesses can make definitive decisions to optimise route, schedule maintenance routines, cost assessment and get rid guesswork. In addition, driver behaviour information can be tracked on GPSLive and allow managers to make instant evaluations and changes if necessary to protect the driver, the vehicle and maintain a safer fleet.

    According to Bilen Saribardak, Rewire Security’s Directing Manager “Using GPSLive APP fleet managers and individuals are able to locate their vehicles in real- time, 24/7. Reports feature allow businesses to figure out if their drivers behave accordingly and take the predetermined routes”. He says that “The APP is free to download for all GPSLive users.”.

    Efficient delivery equals happy customers. In the plumbing and heating industry, for instance, an industry known for emergencies that leave business owners with strict delivery timelines, businesses using a GPS tracking solution can quickly identify and assign the closest employee to the emergency site and fix the issue. This would increase the average job done per day for the business, and such a business would be able to decrease response time, reduce idling, improve customer satisfaction and save on fuel costs.

    Company Contact Information:
    Bilen Saribardak
    Rewire Security
    Chandos Road 34B, Chandos Mews
    Bristol, Avon BS66PF, United Kingdom
    [email protected]
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