Google Checkout ???

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Sep 11, 2007
we did try a couple of years back to use it but it wouldn't work with our store & the support from google was awful.

Another issue was that customers had to create an account to use it. Im not sure if this is still the case but we know customers don't like faffing about when trying to purchase.

We dumped paypal for the same reason, to many issues with accounts not working, lost passwords & terrible service when their was an problem.

hope that helps

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Nov 6, 2009
We used Google Checkout and had no problems at all. The only thing we found a bit of a pain was sometimes it took too long for the transactions to be authorized and therefore orders we wanted to ship same day did not ship until the next day.

We stopped using GC when they increased their rates.
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Hi, we use Google checkout for a couple of our sites and have found it fine!

Sometimes there is a delay when they are carrying out a check but I guess this is for your own safety. The support is also a bit frustrating, there is no phone number and you can't detail the problem on their contact form but we have only had to use it once when we were setting up.

Customers don't seem to have any probs using it and we've had no real problems to date.

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