Giddy Chinese Representatives.

Discussion in 'International Business' started by mrka, Jun 6, 2019.

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    I truly understood your pain, it does happens to most trader when they are dealing with China factories.

    They won't follow the rules or your requirement. Sometime would give you some surpise in sudden...

    So you better get rip of the subcontractor type fty, dealing with well audited factoy instead. At least, they may understand your expression better. However, don't 100% trust on the aduit reports...I mean serious to you!
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    The joys of international commerce. Arranging face-to-face meetings (where possible) is always a great way to get to know and vet a potential partner.

    I wish you luck for your future dealings.
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    Totally agree with your above point. Even some buyer office in China, for small orders, sometimes ,they need to work with middle men for some reasons. Some middle men or trading companies can help factory on finance, sales target, ect, then factory won't set up their own sales team, they just need to focus on the production . Actually, most of middle men are well trained, and much know about what clients wants than factory guys, and can provide the better service. So all buyers need to balance the time between the sales and supply chain management, to consider which kinds of supply chain is suitable for you.
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    Most representatives could not speak english properly, thats y
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    Hello ,

    After reading your post , the following is what I like to say .

    Since we are sourcing company , our office is in Guangzhou China , we do meet the similar situation as yours . We usually meet some "immature" clients , these kind of clients just want to know the prices , they don't care about the cost , they don't care what you do , and after getting your quotation , they will say " sorry" that I have to wait my money coming , then bra....bra...bra....

    If these kind of clients just want to know the prices , why don't they just surfing or , then , they will know everything . WHY THEY WASTE OUR TIME ? And this is why we don't quote to the clients directly as before , because we've been cheated by these immature clients for many many times .

    We do hope have a reliable business relationship with any clients , therefore , now we will spend more time on " evaluate " the clients , we have to make sure if they are serious for business or just coming for prices only.

    Hope both of us will meet the right business partners from now on . Have a good day .
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    Middle-men are not always bad for your business, in fact, they provide essential service. Just like to buy a real estimate, an agent provides you more options, helps you find the right match, saves your time, and in many cases, saves your cost, also.
    It all depends on your actual situation. If you are new to business, or want to order multiple products with small QTY, using a sourcing agent is usually a good choice.
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