Getting EVERYTHING Right - Yet Still Lose The Customer?

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by Stuart Mason, Jun 10, 2017.

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    On average a staggering 68% of customers are lost, not due to price, poor quality, or unreliable service, but as a result of PERCEIVED INDIFFERENCE. This is when the customer or client THINK you don’t care about them or value their business.

    In today’s competitive world does it not seem crazy that you can deliver the RIGHT product or service, deliver this on time, meet or even exceed the client’s demands yet still LOSE that client?

    Does this not seem CRAZY to you? Are you at risk due to Perceived Indifference?

    It doesn’t matter if your service is WORLD CLASS, remember this is “Perceived” Indifference.

    You fought hard to get that customer or client, you listened carefully to their needs, wants and demands. You provided EXACTLY what they were looking for, WHEN it was needed, and spent many a sleepless night doing it. Then the guy down the road gets the client.

    The good news is, it’s NOT difficult to prevent this. If you ARE providing WORLD CLASS service all you need to do is support it with a bit of Customer Service, and it doesn’t need to be World Class, great if it is.

    Here’s some ideas and suggestions, these will vary from business to business but you’ll get some ideas.

    · Say “THANK YOU”. It’s staggering the number of businesses that don’t say Thank You for the Business.

    · Maintain PERSONAL REGULAR CONTACT. In today’s digital world there’s no excuse for not providing several nice “touches” to keep in regular contact with your customers. This could be via Personalised email (NOT an eshot), Linked IN Message, Letter, Phone Call… there’s many more. Anything that reaches a mass audience is NOT Personal Regular Contact.

    · Remember EVENTS. Depending on your product or service remembering key dates in business and personal events is a great way of adding a professional touch.

    · VIP EVENTS. Make your customer feel special and appreciated by running and inviting them to Special Events, Previews, Product Launches etc. Think about what you can offer in your business.

    · CALENDAR EVENTS. Rarely a month goes by without some celebrated event. If you love your customer send a Valentine’s Card. How many events can you think of this year, 20?

    · GIFTS. Gifts can be awkward in today’s business world, and in many cases best avoided. It’s also easy to offend. However, a Thank You Card with some Flowers is a nice touch.

    Here’s the statistics for why Customers are lost. Only 9% is due to PRICE, isn’t that interesting?

    • 4% Natural attrition (moved away / business closed etc)
    • 5% Referred to a competitor by their friend
    • 9% Competitive reasons (price)
    • 14% Product/Service dissatisfaction
    • 68% Perceived Indifference
    Make a list now of what your business currently offers to make the client feel appreciated and valued. Is it enough? How will you know? Try ASKING THEM!!!
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